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How to practice and Fadhilah Zikir Al-Aziz


How to practice and Fadhilah Zikir Al-Aziz

Muslimcreed.com - Asmaul Husna are the good and beautiful names of Allah SWT that must be understood by Muslims. Usually, Asmaul Husna is memorized by singing it together in class, so that memorizing activities will be easier and more fun.

Al-Aziz means Allah is Mighty, not defeated by anything, and All-Powerful. Asmaul Husna and its meanings and meanings have various virtues when you understand it

Asma Allah Al Aziz is mentioned many times in the Qur'an and is scattered in various letters. The meaning of Al Aziz is the Essence which includes all the meanings of power. The power that is in God is very broad in meaning, namely strength, might, victory and not need.

The meaning of Al Aziz is also often interpreted as the Most Noble or the Most Mighty. Therefore, no creature can match His power. Allah is able to subdue and defeat everything in the universe with His greatness.

The lesson that can be drawn from the meaning of Al Aziz is that if someone is given a mandate or power, then he must realize that there is someone who is more powerful and powerful than himself. People who have power should use their power according to their function and remain oriented towards commendable character. Because, actually someone who has power is a leader for the people around him.

How to imitate Al Aziz

Every Muslim can imitate the nature of Al Aziz by forming himself to be stronger and braver in the face of injustice, crime and hypocrisy. Everything can start from ourselves, which means we must be able to control ourselves from various bad actions. In addition, we also need to fight fear and weakness in the face of various obstacles.

If we are able to control ourselves to be better and face all obstacles, then we will be able to fight for the good around us. one of the names Asmaul Husna is very relevant if applied in everyday life.

This time we will explore the advantages of the next Asmaul Husna, "Al-Aziz". This remembrance means that Allah SWT is the Mighty One who absolutely has valor.

The power of Allah the Almighty and the Most Powerful overpowers all His enemies. He is All-Powerful and All-Powerful overcoming the disobedient and those who oppose Him. He is also All Mighty to annihilate this universe in the blink of an eye. No power can defeat Him.

Fadhilah read "Yaa Aziz" or "Al-Aziz".

For those who read or wirid "Al-Aziz" or "Yaa Aziz" it will feel a lot of fadhilah, including:

First, whoever reads "Yaa Aziz" or "Al-Aziz" 40 times every night for 40 nights, God willing, will be honored and given strength in the face of all threats and dangers.

Second, overcoming various difficulties and difficulties.

Throughout our lives we will always face various problems in the form of threats, slander, confusion and confusion in business matters, organizations, families, daily relationships and so on.

For those who mewiridkan "Yaa Aziz" every day can also overcome various difficulties that come to us. Allah Almighty is always watching the condition of His servants. By mewiridkan "Yaa Aziz" means we acknowledge His might and rely and surrender to His might.

Allah will bring His might within us to face various problems that arise. God willing, there is no problem that cannot be solved. God will bring help from places you can't expect.

Third, get help.

God willing, by mewiridkan "Yaa Aziz" at least 100 times after every prayer, we will get help from Allah Almighty in dealing with various problems.

Fourth, saved from the tyranny of the ruler.

Those who read this Asma Allah 226 times in the morning and evening, he will be saved from the tyranny of rulers and cruel people. No one interferes, all enemies will bow to us, whether on land or at sea, on the way or at home.

Fifth, awaken authority.

Someone who mewiridkan "Yaa Aziz" every day at least 100 times after every prayer, God willing, can generate authority, the face will emit a positive aura that causes respect and disdain from others. This Wirid is very well done by people who hold leadership positions in organizations, companies and governments.

Sixth, overcoming various problems.

If we are steadfast and routinely do wirid with this remembrance, of course, with His permission, we avoid various problems and problems by means of earnest practice. Sincerity is full of trust in Allah and believes that what is done is only an effort, while Allah determines.

Seventh, someone who regularly recites "Yaa Aziz" every day can also overcome various difficulties that come his way. Allah the Almighty always pays attention to the condition of His servants.

Therefore, let us practice seriously, istikamah, sincere and full of trust in Allah SWT. Have faith that what we do is only an effort, while it's all a decision on Allah SWT.

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