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The Importance of Morning Prayer in Islam


The Importance of Morning Prayer in Islam

Muslimcreed.com - Muslim friends needs to know that reading a prayer in the morning with a sincere heart and intention can have a positive impact. Why is that? Because thanks to the prayer in the morning, we can start the day better so that our lives have great power from within indirectly. Well, here are some of the virtues when we routinely and sincerely pray in the morning to get ridho from Allah SWT:

1. The Way to Get Sustenance or Sustenance Opener

It is said that reading prayers in the morning can make it easier for a person to obtain sustenance, in any form. This is in line with what is stated in the verse of the Qur'an surah al-mu'min verse 60.

2. Get closer to Allah SWT

When someone sincerely recites prayers in the morning on a regular basis, then the servant will be close to Allah SWT. We may feel calm and peaceful in the morning and all activities will start more easily. Basically Allah SWT is always involved in simplifying all one's problems at any time.

That is why by praying in the morning, His servant will always remember Allah SWT in every activity, so he is guarded and afraid to speak when dealing with worldly things.

3. The Form of Gratitude

Reading prayers in the morning is a form of gratitude given to Allah SWT for the blessing of sleeping at night. When our eyes wake up again, God has given His servant the opportunity to keep trying again. This has been mentioned in the Qur'an surah al-furqan verse 47.

4. Doing Activities Calmly and Enthusiastically

Indirectly, in our subconscious, when we believe in good things, our activities will also be suggested as good. A person's conscious will form a calmer and not afraid to face the problems he will face because he believes that Allah SWT will provide protection and give His pleasure. As a result, we also tend to be more enthusiastic about our activities starting from the morning though.

When we do things calmly and enthusiastically, of course we will live with fun. For example work, school or studying, and other worldly affairs. Everything is in the hands of Allah, so the only way to ask and hope is only to Allah SWT. So don't be surprised, if we are used to praying when we start something, it will run more smoothly and blessing, because basically we believe in ourselves and Allah SWT will make it easier.

5. More Confident

Self-confidence is usually needed by someone to face something heavy, big, serious, and so on. But there is also someone who lacks confidence in something that is considered lacking a lot as a small thing. Confidence that must be formed in various ways, depending on the character of a person. But did Grameds know that praying before doing something can make people more confident?

Maybe Muslim friends have experienced this for example going to school exams, job interviews, or other matters, which make us nervous or not confident. Then the thing that actually strengthens us and makes us brave to face it is asking for guidance and blessing from Allah SWT.

We really leave all the results of our decisions to Allah SWT and believe that all these decisions are the best for us, including failure or defeat. By praying, we become more confident in ourselves, including in the power of Allah SWT, the owner of the universe and its contents.

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