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The law, types and dangers of adultery

MUSLIMCREED In Islam there are things that should not be done because it will cause sin for the servant. Of the many things that should not be done, one of which is not allowed to commit adultery. In general, there are many Muslims who know about adultery. However, there is nothing wrong if we learn together about adultery through this article.

Law for Adultery

Zina is an act that is prohibited in Islam. Someone who does it, of course, will get a sin. Islam has regulated all things including punishment for adultery.

Punishment for adultery is distinguished according to its types. Namely adultery muhsan and adultery ghairu muhshan is adultery committed by those who are not legal or have never been married. Each is given a different punishment.

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For adulterers ghairu muhsan (unmarried) sentenced to 100 lashes and exiled for a year. As for muhsan adulterers (married) sentenced to stoning.

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Meanwhile, the legal status of the adulterous child in the view of Islam is as follows:

1. The law remains to be a child who is fitrah (born in a holy state without sin).

2. Keep getting guaranteed entry to heaven with pious people, as long as they also participate in doing righteous deeds as other Muslims do, namely carrying out Allah's commands and staying away from all His prohibitions.

Punishment for those accused of adultery

Every Muslim is prohibited from accusing others of committing adultery without solid evidence. The act of accusing others is a crime in Islam.

For Muslims, the act of accusing adultery in Islam is punishable by lashes or lashes 80 times if the accusation is not proven true. However, this sentence can be invalidated if the accuser can bring four witnesses that the person concerned has actually committed adultery.

Types of Zina

In Islam, there are several types of adultery that need to be known and their differences, which are as follows:

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1. Zina Al-Lamam

The first type of adultery is the adultery of Al-Lamam, which is a heinous act related to the five senses.

Quoting Islam.id, the adultery of Al-Laman is further divided into several parts, namely:

Zina ain is when a person looks at the opposite sex with lust (eye adultery).

Zina qalbi is when thinking or imagining about the opposite sex with feelings of pleasure and happiness (zina of the heart).

Adultery speech (oral) that is when talking about the opposite sex followed by feelings of pleasure (mouth).

Zina of the hand (yadin) which occurs when a person intentionally holds a part of the body of the opposite sex followed by feelings of pleasure, happiness or full of lust (zina of the hand).

Foot adultery is adultery that occurs when a person steps his foot into adultery.

2. Zina Mohsan

Not only that, there are other types of adultery for people who are married and have an affair to have sex. Usually, this type of adultery occurs because of having sex that is not the mahram.

In addition to sinning, this type of adultery also has the potential to cause danger in the form of venereal disease. Therefore, avoid adultery and have sexual relations only with your religiously legitimate partner.

3. Zina Gairu Muhsan

In addition, there are types of adultery that are carried out for someone who is not yet bound in marriage. This is called Zina Gairu Muhsan. Not infrequently, unmarried couples get temptation and high lust. So, they are released and commit adultery.

Allah SWT has mentioned that never sympathize or have mercy on someone who commits adultery. This is part of a grave sin so there is no reason to feel pity or sympathy, not even family. However, those who commit adultery must be severely punished for their actions.

Dangers and Bad Consequences of Zina

Zina turns out to be not only a sin if it is done, but there are dangers that lurk. The following types of dangers due to adultery:

1. Big Sin

As we know, adultery is a major sin that cannot be avoided. This sin that we get can unknowingly damage morals and eliminate the attitude of wara '(keeping ourselves from sinning).

A person who commits adultery with many people, his sin is greater than those who commit adultery with only one person. As for this also applies to those who commit adultery openly, the sin will be even greater.

2. Remove Face Light

Doing adultery can only destroy self-esteem in front of Allah SWT and fellow human beings. Therefore, the danger of adultery can eliminate the 'light' on the face. The shame that is owned makes the face gloomy, dark, and not fresh.

3. Bad View

Allah SWT does not like people who commit adultery. Another danger of this heinous act is to make other people's views bad.

That is, people around will look at us with one eye. Zina emits a foul odor that can be 'inhaled' by people who have a qalbun salim (clean heart) through their mouth or body.

From now on, don't let us fall into the act of adultery that is hated by Allah SWT.

4. Get Social Sanctions If Their Actions Are Known To The Community

The act of adultery will get social sanctions if this act is known to people, which clearly can be one of them will be prosecuted in court if one of the perpetrators or one of the parents does not accept their actions. Usually will get stoning in Islam.

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5. The Zina will be narrowed by Allah swt

The perpetrator of adultery will be narrowed his heart by Allah SWT, so he is reluctant to do commendable deeds. The perpetrator will be narrowed his heart to do good. For example in everyday life will be angry, feel uneasy, and so on.

6. Allah swt will dump the adulterer and make it never enough for all that he has

Allah SWT will hate those who commit adultery and dump those who commit adultery. Making him never enough for what he has, possessions and happiness.

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