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The nature of jaiz for the apostle along with examples


The nature of jaiz for the apostle along with examples

Muslimcreed.com - Every Muslim who believes in Allah's Apostle, must understand the nature of the Prophet's jaiz. The goal is to realize the differences and similarities between ordinary humans and the Messenger – who is the messenger of God.

As a messenger of God, it is certain that the apostle has privileges that other humans do not have. One of them is the qualities that can be used as role models in everyday life which are commonly known as the mandatory characteristics of the apostle.

There are four obligatory qualities of apostles that must be imitated by Grameds, namely honesty (shiddiq), trustworthy (amanah), conveying revelation and Islamic law (tabligh), and clever or wise (fathanah). Apart from that, the apostle also has the nature of jaiz or other human traits.

The nature of this jaiz shows that even though the apostles have privileges, they are still ordinary people with human traits attached to them. But remember, the nature of this jaiz does not reduce the privileges they have.

What is the nature of Jaiz Rasul?

In short, the nature of jaiz is all the human traits possessed by the apostle and explains his position as a messenger of Allah SWT. In contrast to the mandatory nature, the nature of jaiz in the apostles only has one, namely A'radhul Basyariyah or has the same nature as other humans. Such as drinking, eating, having a partner, and others.

Actually, the nature of this jaiz shows that the character of the apostles can be carried out by humans in general. However, there are some people who misunderstand this trait. They consider themselves to be Allah's messengers because they have the same characteristics.

Example of the nature of Jaiz Rasul

One of the proofs that the apostle has the nature of jaiz can be seen in the story of the meeting between the Prophet Muhammad and the angel Gabriel in the cave of Hira. When first visited by Jibril, the Prophet Muhammad felt such great fear that his body shivered and asked to be covered by his wife Khadijah. The Qur'an then captures this moment in the letter Al-Muzammil (The Covered Person).

In addition, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam also experienced pain. In many narrations it is narrated that the Prophet Muhammad suffered from severe eye pain and made his grandfather difficult when he was only 7 years old. This disease causes the eyes to turn red and produce greenish-yellow discharge.

Even apostles can also be affected by a disability or a disease as long as it is mild and will not hinder them from carrying out their apostolic duties. As happened to Prophet Musa (as) before he was appointed as an apostle.

At that time he had a deficiency that made his speech not very clear (pelo). This deficiency will definitely make it difficult for him to convey the teachings of Allah to his people. Therefore, the Prophet Musa (as) then asked for this deficiency to be cured when he was appointed as an apostle.

Some of the other characteristics of the Jaiz Rasul are:

- Can feel thirsty and need to drink

- Can feel tired and need time to sleep or rest

- Can die

- Can get married and raise a family

From the human nature of the apostles, it can be concluded that Allah SWT deliberately chose Prophets and Apostles from humans, not angels. That way, every Shari'a brought by the apostles can be implemented by other humans.

Apart from the general nature of humanity, the apostle also has other jaiz characteristics that are somewhat special because other humans will not have it, namely Iltizamurrasul and Ishmaturrasul.

The nature of Jaiz Iltizamurrasul

Iltizamurrasul is a jaiz trait which means always committed to what they teach. The apostles will work and preach in accordance with the direction and command of Allah SWT. Although not infrequently there are many obstacles and obstacles they receive from people who hate it when preaching.

However, the apostles remained committed and remained in their stance to carry out the commands of Allah SWT. This is one of the characteristics of the jaiz apostle that cannot be found in other than the apostle.

The nature of Jaiz Ishmaturrasul

Ishmaturrasul can be interpreted as a ma'shum person. That is, every apostle is protected from all sins and mistakes in understanding religion. Not only that, they are always obedient to Allah SWT and convey His revelations.

From this explanation, it can be concluded that the apostle was a very noble human who never committed a sin. And when faced with challenges or obstacles, the apostles would always be ready to carry out the task God had given them.

The nature of this jaiz in addition to showing that the apostle has the same habits as other humans also confirms his position in the eyes of Allah SWT as a human being who is elevated in rank.

Well, as Muslims, your job is to imitate the nature of the jaiz apostle and increase good deeds.

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