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The virtues contained in Surah al-Kautsar and the benefits of reading it

MUSLIMCREED The reason for the revelation of Surah Al-Kautsar

In his commentary, namely Tafsir Munir Az-Zuhaili, Dr. Wahbah az-Zuhaili explained that the revelation of the letter Al-Kautsar was motivated by three factors, namely:

1. The Quraysh disbelievers thought that the Prophet Muhammad was a very weak person and had few followers.

2. The Quraish disbelievers were very happy with the death of the Prophet Muhammad's sons, such as Kasim who died in Mecca and Ibrahim who died in Medina.

3. Due to the feeling of joy from the infidels when the Muslims are afflicted with trouble and calamity.

The virtues contained in Surah Al Kautsar

In addition, there are virtues contained in the Surah Al Kausar.

1. Blessed by Allah

The virtue of the first Surah Al-Kautsar is that Allah will give you a favor. This letter shows that Allah SWT will give blessings to the Messenger of Allah, including many descendants and the Al-Kautsar lake in heaven later.

Therefore, this letter is also a reminder for Muslims to always be grateful and remember always for the blessings Allah has given. You can do this by performing the obligatory and sunnah prayers in Islam.

2. Cure Diseases

The second virtue of Surah Al-Kautsar is that it can be used as a tool for endeavor for Muslims who ask for healing for the disease they are experiencing. If you practice the letter of Al Kautsar every day, then by Allah's permission all the diseases you suffer will be cured.

3. Harmonious Household

The next virtue of Surah Al Kautsar is being able to make relationships in the household harmonious. How to practice it, this letter can be read by praying tahajjud together with a partner. Surely the household will be more harmonious and sakinah mawaddah and warohmah.

4. Calming the Heart

If we feel upset or are being afflicted with problems, then try reading this letter 3 times, then the heart will feel much calmer.

5. Prayers Will Be Answered

The virtue of the next letter of Al-Kautsar is so that what we want can be achieved. Even so, you must believe that if Allah grants it then it is the best, otherwise Allah will replace it with something better. Of course, prayer will be answered if it is accompanied by effort and endeavor.

6. Soften a Hard Heart

If you are going to meet other people, try to read Surah Al-Kautsar 3 times first. Surely Allah SWT will soften his hard heart.

7. Can Overcome Fear

It is natural for humans to feel afraid. However, by reading Surah Al-Kautsar, then Allah SWT will give you strength, so you can become more courageous, confident, and calm.

8. To Apply for Self-Protection

The virtue of the next letter of Al-Kautsar is to ask for self-protection from all the bad things that we will encounter every day. In addition, this letter is also included to ward off magic or the occult.

9. Infinite Pleasure

Kautsar is the name of a lake in Allah's heaven. Therefore, if you read this surah 1000 times a day, surely Allah will always give abundant pleasure to those who practice it.

Benefits of Reading Surah Al Kautsar

The following are the benefits of reading Surah Al Kautsar, namely:

- His heart will be softened by God and will be given taufik to be able to worship God solemnly.

- Whoever reads Surah Al Kautsar 100 times when it rains and then that person prays then his prayer will be granted by Allah SWT.

- Allah will protect you from all harm.

- According to Sheikh Muhammad al-Mausili and Sheikh Yakub, reading Surat Al Kautsar can be used as a wasilah to bring sustenance from unexpected directions as for the way to read it, which is read 1000 times after the prayer.

- For those of you who have debts and want to pay off their debts quickly, besides trying to be born, read Surat Al Kautsar 313 times after the five daily prayers and it is recommended to give charity to orphans on Friday mornings.

- If we want to dream of meeting the Prophet then read Surah Al Kautsar 1000 times and pray 1000 times on Friday night.

- Whoever reads Surat Al Kautsar every day 11 times after the 5 daily prayers will be saved from all harm.

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