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A Glass of Water and Students Realize How Heavy the Kiai's Task is

MUSLIMCREED After the Fajr prayer from the mosque in front of the house, Kiai Hamid Pasuruan was waiting for many worshipers to 'ngalap blessings' shaking hands with him.

Of the many worshipers who had not shaken hands, there was one student who had an idea in his heart about the pleasures of being a kiai. In his heart, he had a bad prejudice (su'udzan) on the kiai by calculating the number of envelopes given by the congregation.

"If one person has an envelope, how much has the kiai got," this was the sentence that appeared in his mind. Even though it only crossed his mind, it turned out that Kiai Hamid knew what was in the minds and hearts of these students. Then Kiai Hamid called this santri in the midst of the crowded congregation who could not shake hands. This student also felt proud because he had a special opportunity compared to other worshipers who could not shake hands.

After that Kiai Hamid invited him to take a walk around Pasuruan City. But before leaving, Kiai Hamid gave the santri a special task to carry and guard a glass filled with water. Kiai Hamid advised the santri to keep the water in the glass from spilling. Not only passing through the good and smooth roads in the Pasuruan area, when traveling, Kiai Hamid invited the students to pass through the potholed roads. The students also seemed overwhelmed to maintain balance so that the water did not spill.

After they were satisfied, they returned to Kiai Hamid's residence and the santri received a question.

“I tasked you with bringing water in a glass so it wouldn't spill. Isn't it difficult?" asked Kiai Hamid. The student replied that he found it difficult to keep the water in the glass from spilling. Although he had tried to keep it from spilling, but on the way, some water was spilled due to the rocking caused by the potholes on the road. Hearing the santri's answer, Kiai Hamid said that all of this illustrates how hard and difficult it is for the kiai to maintain and develop the people.

The kiai maintain the faith of the people in various ways ranging from education, recitations, and various activities in order to maintain the faith of the people. It's all heavier than keeping water from spilling out of the glass. From that, this student realized that what he had in mind all this time was the wrong thing. This preconceived notion of being a kiai arose because this santri saw what was happening in front of him with his own eyes.

Don't look from the eyes of others or the eyes of many before drawing conclusions. Kiai is a figure whose existence is very important in the community. Not only related to religious issues which have become his competence.

Kiai are also often used as references in solving various life problems faced by the people. From the womb to the grave, the kiai become the foundation of society in life. In solving the problems of the people, the kiai are able to provide soothing solutions full of wisdom. Even in giving lessons and education, the kiai are able to provide uswah hasanah (good examples) so that those being preached feel comfortable. Including in correcting the wrong understanding and actions of the people, the kiai are able to do it with compassion.

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