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Live a successful life by applying the fatonah nature in yourself

MUSLIMCREED For Muslims, Rasulullah SAW is a role model and conveys the revelation he received from Allah SWT to his people. The Apostle is a human chosen by Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala who has mandatory qualities that should be imitated and applied in everyday life.

One of the obligatory traits for the Prophets and Apostles is Fathonah which means intelligent. The nature of this fathonah must be owned by the Prophets and Apostles because they must be able to provide arguments, opinions and good communication in preaching to invite their people to the right path.

That way, a servant of the Prophet and Apostle will not go astray and remain in the way of Allah SWT. In addition, a servant can stay away from prohibitions and carry out the commands of Allah SWT.

Meaning of Fathonah

Fathonah means intelligent. This is because the task of the Apostle is to foster a people consisting of various kinds of character and behavior. In order to convey his teachings, an Apostle must know the right technique or approach to the people and be responsive to the situation around him.

Only intelligent people can solve all problems in society. With intelligence and intelligence, the Prophets and Apostles were able to overcome various problems that arose from the people they faced.

Not only that, the Apostle is a chosen human who has high intelligence. Fathonah means that intelligence is needed to carry out the duties of Allah SWT. He conveyed thousands of verses of the Qur'an, explained in tens of thousands of hadiths, explained the words of Allah, and was required to have the ability to argue with unbelievers in the best possible way. Therefore, it is natural that the Prophet also had many roles during his life. He played a role as Islamic figures, leaders, businessmen, warlords to politicians

As messengers of Allah SWT, the Apostles have an obligation to convey the truth to each of the people.

The Virtue of Fathonah in the Qur'an

One of the real forms of attention of the Qur'an to the nature of fathonah is when the Qur'an forbids liquor (khamer). The Qur'an strictly forbids believers from approaching liquor. Therefore, khamer prevents humans from thinking clearly. When the mind is deadlocked, humans will easily make various mistakes.

The following are some of the virtues of fathonah in the Qur'an:

1. Prohibition of drinking khamer

This is stated in surah al-maidah verse 91.

2. Commands use common sense

Allah warns mankind to use reason as well as possible. Allah SWT warns mankind to use reason as well as possible. This is contained in the word of Allah swt Surah Al-An'am verse 32.

3. An appeal to think

It is found in Surah Al-Hadid verse 17 and al-Hasyr verse 21.

In each of the verses above, Allah SWT warns us all to use reason as well as possible as a means to receive guidance and not the other way around, namely rejecting guidance. People who use their minds correctly, then he will surely obey the rules of Islam. As for people who do not obey the rules of Islam are real examples as people who do not use their minds properly, regardless of brain intelligence (IQ).

Fadhilah Attributes of Fathonah in the Words of the Prophet Muhammad

On various occasions, Prophet Muhammad SAW motivated his companions to be fathonah. He gave an opportunity for friends to think intelligently. This happened during the Ahzab war and the Bani Quraizhah Jewish war.

1. The Battle of Ahzab or Khandaq

Among the opportunities that exist, when Muslims have just survived the Ahzab War which is commonly called the Khandaq war. In this Ahzab war, the Banu Quraizhah Jewish group, which was supposed to give a lot to Muslims, even surrounded the Muslims. Even though they are still related to Muslims through the Medina Charter.

2. The events of the Banu Quraizhah Jews

Remembering this Jewish crime of Banu Quraizhah, right after the infidels stopped the siege and left Medina, Prophet Muhammad SAW gave orders to the Islamic troops to move towards the Jewish village of Banu Quraizhah. At that time, he advised the troops not to pray Asr, unless they had arrived at the Jewish village of Bani Quraizhah. However, it seems that some of the Islamic troops had not yet arrived at the Jewish village of Bani Quraizhah, even though the time for Asr had arrived.

At that time the difference in income between them. There are those who understand the Prophet Muhammad SAW, textually/as is and there are those who understand it contextually. Finally, some of them prayed Asr on the street and some prayed in the Jewish village of Banu Quraizhah.

When this happened, then it was conveyed to the Prophet Muhammad, it turned out that he neither confirmed nor blamed any of the opinions, he just kept silent.

Benefits of Fathonah

The meaning of the nature of fathonah is intelligent. Of course, it is not without reason why of the many traits, intelligence is one of the mandatory traits for the Prophets and Apostles. As previously mentioned, the Prophets and Messengers need the nature of fathonah to memorize the revelations given from Allah SWT.

Not only that, with the intelligence possessed by the Prophets and Apostles, they were also able to find the right way of delivery to their people. In addition, it turns out that the nature of fathonah also has other benefits. In fact, not only for the time of the Prophets and Apostles, the nature of fathonah can also be used for today's life.

The reason is, with fathonah or intelligence someone can be the most effective solution for every problem faced in all aspects. Starting from problems in the sphere of personal, social, work and so on.

The characteristics of a Muslim who is Fathonah

Every Muslim is obliged to imitate the nature of fathonah and the obligatory nature of the Prophets and other Apostles. Apart from the examples exemplified by the Prophets and Apostles, we can also learn the meaning of fathonah through the people around us.

Therefore, in addition to understanding the meaning of fathonah, it is also important to find out the characteristics of Muslims who are fathonah. The following are the characteristics of Muslims who have fathonah characteristics:

- Is someone who is good at giving good advice. Not only good, Muslims who are fathonah are also good at delivering, so they will not offend other people's feelings.

- A Muslim who is fathonah is also able to convey good news or news. So that it can sort out which ones deserve to be conveyed which ones don't deserve to be conveyed.

- Muslims who are fathonah tend to be smart in speaking and communicating. Usually, this ability will be used to invite goodness by calling ma'ruf nahi munkar.

- The meaning of fathonah is intelligent, that means a Muslim must be smart in conveying the mandate given.

- Fathonah or smart in the context of Muslims also includes being good at worship. That is, a Muslim must do a practice by prioritizing worship and the most important practice.

- A Muslim who is fathonah must also be smart in socializing. The reason is, the daily life of a Muslim cannot be separated from friendship. That way, any problems that arise both in the community and in the family must be overcome in an intelligent way.

How to Grow the Nature of Fathonah

In addition to the meaning of fathonah, every Muslim also needs to know how to cultivate the nature of fathonah. Because, as explained earlier, fathonah is an obligatory trait of Prophets and Messengers who are useful in today's life.

How to grow the obligatory nature of the Prophets and Apostles by multiplying knowledge. As the saying goes, the more one knows, the more stupid one feels. That way, a Muslim will be more motivated to increase knowledge.

The nature of fathonah can be applied in our lives in various ways. Starting from holding fast to Islamic law in carrying out various activities, increasing the spirit to gain knowledge and so on. By cultivating the nature of fathonah, a Muslim will also be more firm in his faith.

Application of the Nature of Fathonah in Daily Life

The nature of fathonah as a noble trait that is always relevant in all places and times. Including in modern life. Fools will forever be fringe people. There is a saying, stupid people will be soft food for intelligent people.

1. Fathonah in the teaching and learning process

Intelligence is the first requirement in studying. In addition to several other conditions, intelligence is needed to achieve optimal learning outcomes. With intelligence, we will more easily understand the lesson well. on the other hand, without intelligence anyone will have difficulty grasping the lesson well.

2. Fathonah at work

Fathonah in her work is about working with minimal time and effort but giving maximum results. It doesn't mean that with this fathanna, we work lazily. With this fathanah nature, we can work in a more organized manner and we don't just work, let alone work at random.

3. Fathonah in choosing a potential partner

The people we relate to the most are our partners, both as wives and husbands. Our partner is the person we trust the most. To him we entrust the safety of children, property and good name.

4. Fathonah in educating the family

As the head of the household, a husband has a great responsibility to take care of all members of his family, so that they can live in prosperity from the world to the hereafter. Therefore, in Islam we find complete demands for the head of the household to carry out the mandate as well as possible. In addition, as the head of a fathanah household, a husband will carry out these demands as well as possible.

5. Fathonah as a servant of God

Intelligent humans are not only to master various disciplines but also mean the ability to use knowledge, both concerning practice and the goals of science itself.

6. Fathonah as a social creature

Intelligence as a social creature and intelligent in social interaction with the community. One form of social intelligence is the ability to solve problems, the ability to communicate and the ability to treat others well. Social intelligence is not only useful in relationships but also in the world of work which requires us to meet many people with various personalities and backgrounds.

7. Fathonah in living life

Humans must have intelligence in living life so as not to be negligent due to the games offered by life. Faith and piety are factors that can save humans from the temptations of the world that can neglect humans from Allah SWT.

With intelligence accompanied by faith and piety, humans can sort out, distinguish which ones are useful and have a positive effect on our lives, which ones are not. That way, humans can stay in the way of Allah SWT.

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