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America is Top Universities for Islamic Finance

America is Top Universities for Islamic Finance

Muslimcreed - There are currently more than 60 Islamic finance institutions operating in the United States, and as the practice of Islamic finance continues to spread and grow, so too does the need for more qualified Muslim professionals to fill the industry’s various roles. To help make their search easier, we’ve compiled a list of America’s top universities where students can find programs in Islamic finance. We’ve also ranked them based on three criteria: available degree programs, undergraduate Islamic finance majors per capita, and international Islamic finance centers per capita.

George Washington University

The 20-credit program includes courses such as Islamic Banking and Finance, Islamic Economics, and Financial Engineering. 

Students can take part in study abroad opportunities to Dubai or Abu Dhabi. 

GWU also has a student organization called the George Washington University Middle Eastern Student Association (GEMSA). GEMSA is committed to creating a community on campus that promotes understanding of Islam through cultural awareness events, guest speakers, and interfaith dialogue.

 GWU is ranked one of America's top universities by US News & World Report and features an urban setting in Washington, D.C., which boasts a significant number of Muslim families. 

MIT - Second Paragraph: The MIT program integrates theory with practical applications in a variety of fields that pertain to Islamic finance, including banking and insurance. 

MIT - Second Paragraph: Students who take advantage of study abroad opportunities have been able to visit important financial centers in countries including Singapore, Dubai, Qatar and Bahrain. 

MIT - Second Paragraph: The MIT student group is called MISTI (Muslim Students at MIT), which also supports cultural awareness on campus through prayer services and other events geared toward Muslims on campus.

Harvard University

Harvard also offers a certificate program in Islamic finance which is designed to equip students with the skills needed to succeed in this fast-growing field. 

The program teaches students about Shariah law, banking practices and ethics within Islam. Students who graduate from this program will have a deep understanding of how these aspects of the Muslim faith impact finances and investment decisions.

 Harvard’s Certificate program can be completed in one year. Students can also choose to focus their studies in certain areas, including: law and economics, Shariah financial contracts and banking theory. A limited number of scholarships are available for students interested in pursuing an education at

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Columbia University

Columbia is consistently ranked as one of the world's top universities.  The university ranks 1st in North America in the 2017 QS World University Rankings, 3rd in the U.S., and 5th globally ? an impressive feat, considering that it has no medical school or law school to boast about and its undergraduate program is small when compared to other Ivy League schools like Harvard or Yale. It also ranks #1 in New York City on Forbes' list of America's best colleges and universities, ahead of NYU and CUNY ? evidence that it attracts top talent from around the world. Columbia offers both traditional four-year undergraduate programs and graduate programs with a duration ranging from two to six years; there are currently over 10,000 students enrolled at the university with a faculty staff numbering over 2,100 professors!

New York University

NYU is one of the top universities in the world, with a consistently high ranking from various publications. NYU offers students a wide range of resources, from excellent faculty to state-of-the-art facilities. NYU also has ties to more than 200 global exchange programs and study abroad opportunities. 

NYU Abu Dhabi is an international campus of New York University (NYU) that opened in 2010. The goal of the university was to provide first class educational opportunities to students in the Middle East and North Africa who might not otherwise have access to them. Students are able to complete their entire degree at NYU Abu Dhabi, or they can attend as visiting students and take courses that interest them during their time there.

Georgetown University

Washington, DC is home to our nation's most powerful figures as well as countless international agencies. If you want to be successful in this globalized era, it helps to have access - literally at your doorstep - to policymakers, diplomats and leaders from around the world. 

Georgetown has been ranked among the top five universities in America by Forbes Magazine and US News & World Report.

 It was founded in 1789, and today boasts a student body of almost 15,000 students. It has produced numerous graduates who have excelled in public service and global governance roles, such as Brian Farrell, former Deputy National Security Advisor to President Obama.

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