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The American Islamic University is set to be one of the excellent universities in America in 2022.

MUSLIMCREED The American Islamic University will be one of the best universities in America by 2022, according to its new president, Dr. Ali Mohammed Shabazz. The founder of the university says he believes in the future of the university and has laid out his goals for it to be recognized globally as one of the best American Islamic universities in 2022. The goals include increasing enrollment rates, growing research programs and building new campuses across the country. He also plans to encourage students to stay longer to complete their education, while also keeping tuition costs at an affordable level.

What makes AIU different from other Islamic schools?

AIU was founded and designed by a group of Muslim educators, educators who are committed to excellence, innovation, and a holistic approach to education. We are committed to providing students with an education that prepares them for success and leadership in the global society. As such, we provide specialized programs in science, technology, engineering, arts and design (STEAD) education from kindergarten through undergraduate levels. The curricula is rooted in the principles of Islam and incorporates contemporary teaching methods and practices.

What are some of the benefits?

First and foremost, there will not be any tuition fees at all for all students attending the university, regardless of their financial standing. Students will only have to pay for a meal per day with the money they receive from their parents or guardians and whatever money they earn by working within the university and its facilities. Secondly, there will not be any class sizes larger than twenty-five students in each classroom so that teachers can interact with each student on a more personal level. Thirdly, classes will be held five days out of seven and will always take place during the morning hours (from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM) so that students do not miss any school time due to attendance. Lastly, unlike other universities which require an entrance exam for admittance, AAU does not discriminate based on grades or standardized tests but accepts anyone who applies (provided they are at least 16 years old).

Why choose AIIU as your online school?

As a Muslim, it can be difficult to balance personal and professional life while continuing your education. Americans are not only the fastest-growing population, but they also represent a diverse demographic with many interests, needs, and backgrounds. The American Islamic University (AIIU) understands this and has created an online degree program that offers flexibility for those who want to pursue their education while working full time or balancing other commitments and responsibilities. AIIU Online students enjoy all of the same benefits as on-campus students such as networking opportunities, support from staff, and ample learning resources from our libraries. 

Additionally, AIIU Online’s unique 3x3x4 curriculum ensures that you will gain breadth by completing nine undergraduate courses and three graduate courses in just three years! 

So if you have been struggling with choosing between advancing your career or continuing your education on campus, come explore our online programs at AIIU today!

How can AIIU make your career future brighter?

AIIU offers a range of academic programs for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies that cover various disciplines and areas of study including Engineering, Medicine, Business Administration, Education/Counseling Psychology and more. AIIU provides its students with a top-quality education by providing state-of-the-art facilities, equipment and laboratories as well as an international faculty from around the world. Students have access to an advanced library containing a wide variety of books and other media resources on all subjects. There are also extensive computer facilities available to support research and communication. The university provides career counseling services as well as student clubs and organizations for various interests. 

AIIU has two campuses located in Virginia Beach, VA and in Dubai, UAE.

Why choose AIIU for master's degrees, PhD programs and certificates?

AIIU offers a wide variety of programs for students who want to make a difference for themselves and their communities. With over 20 master's degrees, PhD programs and certificates, AIIU has something for everyone. The education will help people improve not only their knowledge but also prepare them with up-to-date skills that are needed in today’s economy. Students can take part in hands-on learning activities such as internships, research opportunities and more to gain an edge on future career prospects. Graduates from AIIU can find work at major corporations or start their own business because they have been given an excellent education by experts.

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