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10 Types of Thayyibah Sentences and Their Virtues

MUSLIMCREED Dhikr is one way to get closer and remind ourselves to Allah SWT. There are so many remembrance that we can say, especially for Muslims, one of which is the sentence thayyibah. This thay…

How to practice and Fadhilah Zikir Al-Aziz

Muslimcreed.com - Asmaul Husna are the good and beautiful names of Allah SWT that must be understood by Muslims. Usually, Asmaul Husna is memorized by singing it together in class, so that memoriz…

How to Protect the Heart According to Islamic Teachings, Every Muslim Must Know

Muslim creed - Humans are the most perfect creatures created by God. Humans actually have several main elements in themselves, namely physical (human body), spiritual (human spirit), and nafsani (…

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