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Here are some supplications you can read before going to bed at night. Read Dua Before Sleeping with Arabic text and translations in Urdu Sote Waqt Ki Dua in Urdu and English Dua Before Sleeping.

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Alhamdu lillahil-lathee ahyana baAAda ma amatana wa-ilayhin-nushoor.

ISLAMIC DUA BEFORE SLEEPING. For Fasting - Sehri Dua. اللھم باسمك أموت وأحيا. For Second Ashra Dua - 2nd Ashra Dua.

Dua for seeking refuge from His punishment. From Al-Bukhari 6320 Muslim. Recite Ayat ul kursi daily before sleep.

According to the Holy Prophet SAW whoever prays this dua before going to. Knowing the meaning of Dua Before Sleeping. What to say before sleeping Cup your palms together blow gently into them and then recite بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم قل هو الله أحد الله الصمد لم يلد ولم يولد ولم يكن له كفوا أحد.

الہی عزوجل میں تیرے نام پر مرتا ہوں اور جیتا ہوں Dua before sleeping in English text. Duas for Protection from your Nafs evil of your soul Duas for the Protection of your CHILDREN. Dua After Sleeping When You wake up 1الحمد لله الذي أحيانا بعد ما أماتنا وإليه النشور.

After Takbeer Start of prayer After Tashahhud. I am truly happy to say that I am doing my best to become a true Muslim girl. For Someone who provides you Iftar.

Bismikaa Rabbii Wazaatuu Janbii Wa Bikaa Arfauhuu Faa Inn Amsakta Nafsii Farhamhaa Wa Inn Ar saltahaa Fah Fazhaa Bima Tahfazuu Bihi Ibadaka Asaaliheen. Abu Dawud Dua for Sleeping 4. Asking Allah to grant you a child.

Duas for the Protection of your Imaan Faith Duas for your Protection from Dajjal Anti-Christ Duas for your Protection from Fear and Anxiety. Allahumma bismika ahya wa amuutu. Life of Muslim provides Quranic Verses Hadith Islamic Videos News Naats Dua Islamic Wallpapers Photos and more.

Dua before sleeping in Urdu text. Then recite the dua for sleeping. Although these are not mandatory sunnah we will mention them and you can choose whether you would like to incorporate it into your life.

Raat Ko Sotye Wakat Ki Dua - Dua Before Sleeping. All praise is for Allah who gave us life after having taken it from us and unto Him is the resurrection. I was born afghan but never really acted like a mulism until a couple of weeks ago.

Islam is the perfect religion that regulates its adherents to the manner of sleeping and waking up so that there are dua before sleeping and there are dua after sleeping or prayers for wake up. At times of worry and sorry. Learn Islam education Read Quran Learn Masnoon Duain and other Islamic Knowledge from the most experienced Quran teachers who teached hundreds of students around the world Dua Before Sleeping -.

There is also another one dua for sleeping. Bukhari and Muslim Dua for Sleeping 5. Dua Categories After finishing a meal.

At the end of a GatheringMajlis. You are encouraged to make Dua for anything youd like during this time but the common sleeping Dua is Allahumma bismika amutu wa ahya اللهم بسمك أموت و أحي which means O Allah with Your name I die and live. Read this dua before you sleep.

اللهم باسمك أموت وأحيا. For the first 10 days of Ramadan - 1st Ashra Dua. It is recommended by Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that a Muslim should make dua or prayer before going sleep.

When retiring to his bed every night the Prophet S would hold his palms together spit A form of spitting comprising mainly of air with little spittle in them recite the last three chapters Al-Ikhlas Al-Falaq An-Nas of the Quran and then wipe over his entire body as much as possible with his hands beginning. Allahummaa Bismikaa Amutuu Wa Ahhiyaa. اللهم باسـمك أموت وأحيا - In Your name O Allah I live and die.

Whoever says this and dies in his sleep has died in a state of the natural monotheism Fitrah. Make Dua before sleeping. Sahih Muslim Dua for Sleeping 3.

In Your name O Allah I live and die. Allahumma qinee AAathabaka yawma tabAAathu AAibadak. Before you go to bed perform ablutions as you would for prayer then lie down on your right side and say this dua The Prophet Peace be upon him said.

1 There are different things the Prophet pbuh has been recorded of doing before sleeping. Duas for your protection from the disbelievers. Practical Advice Before Sleeping.

Below are the duas before going to. Dua before sleeping in Arabic text. Ive have been going to Quran class and Im starting to pray I love and truly believe in Allah.

Recite Bismillah daily before sleeping. For Breaking Fast - Iftar Dua. In Your Name do I live and die.

O Allah protect me from Your punishment on the day Your servants are resurrected. For Ramadan Moon Sighting Dua.

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