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In addition to Ramadhan the hadith recommends the fasting of three days from every month. Fasting in 6 days of Shawwal the month after Ramadan Kareem.

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On the authority of Abdul-Malik ibn Qudamah ibn Milhan ra that his father ra said The Messenger of Allah saw used to command us to fast the three days with the bright nights al-Ayyam al-Bid the 13th 14th and 15th of every lunar month.

ISLAMIC SUNNAH FASTING DAYS. Ad Get Your Daily Fasting Agenda By Completing This 60-Sec Quiz Approved By Experts. The ninth and tenth or tenth and eleventh of Muharram the first month of the year. Mondays and Thursdays.

37 rows The Messenger of Allah sallallahou alayhi wa sallam said Observing Saum fasting on. Muslims are encouraged although not obliged to fast days throughout the year. Days of Sunnah Fasting.

Annual fasts are observed on specific days or during periods when it is Sunnah to fast. The Prophet used to try to fast on Mondays and Thursdays Tirmidhi Nasai and Ibn Majah. This practice is Sunnah for Muslims and highly recommended.

Day of Ashura 10th of Muharram. Fasting on these 10 days are beloved to Allah SWT and especially on the ninth of Dhul Hijjah which is the day of Arafat because fasting on this day means our sins from the previous and coming year will be expiated. It was narrated that Ibn Abbaas may Allaah be pleased with him was asked about fasting on.

Aishah RadhiAllahu Anha narrated. Which fast is Sunnah. TheProphet advised us never to quit praying the two Rakahs of Ad-Dhuha and the Witr prayer before going to bed at night.

Fasting on Monday and Thursday. On 13 14 and 15 dates of each Lunar month. 1-The day of Aashoora which is the tenth of Muharram.

Abu Hurayrah and Abu Tharr may Allah be pleased with them said. On the day of Arfah 9 DhuI-Hajj In the month of Rajab and Shaban As often as you can First 9 days of DhuI-Hajj. Download our 2021 Islamic Calendar to view all upcoming Sunnah fasts.

And to fast three days of every month. The Prophet saw said. If not this year it could be next year or other years.

Whoever is fasting for Ramadan then followed by fasting 6 days in the month of Shawwal as if he fasted fast all year Narrated by Muslim no. The tenth day called Ashura is also a fast day for the Jews Yom Kippur and Allah commanded the Muslims to fast. Get Lifetime Access To Personalized Plans Recipes Of the Food You Like.

Three days of every month. If someone immediately fasts Shawwal starting on the 2nd of Shawwal as zahir of this hadith then surely he will meet the Saturday. The three days of each month may be fasted at the beginning of the month in the middle or at the end and may be done separately or consecutively but it is better to fast on the ayaam al-beed which are the days on which the moon is full namely the 13 th 14 th and 15 th of each lunar month.

The specific days include the following. Fasting twice a week is not only Sunnah or tradition of the Prophet but in fact is said to be a healthy routine for your body. Fasting Mondays and Thursdays or fasting every 13th 14th and 15th of every month.

Get Lifetime Access To Personalized Plans Recipes Of the Food You Like. There follow a number of ahaadeeth which encourage. The fasting of three days monthly counts as the fasting of the entire year.

Ad Get Your Daily Fasting Agenda By Completing This 60-Sec Quiz Approved By Experts. The Main Branch of Ramadan is to keep Fasts for 30 days conservatively and are Obligatory on every free Sane Adult Muslim. The one who fasts three days from every month then this will be the fasting of the whole year.

Besides Ramadan our Beloved Prophet Muhammad SAWS used to keep fasts on other days. Days for voluntary fasting.

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