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Zamani-Farahani and Henderson 2010 considered that Islamic tourism and Halal tourism are same concepts and defined Islamic tourism as simply tourism mainly by Muslims who prefer to stay within their culture. Often termed as Islamic tourism or Muslim friendly tourism is a new concept in the tourism industry that opens up new and exciting opportunities for enhancing economic growth.

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ISLAMIC TOURISM CONCEPT. Definition on Wikipedia Wikipedia states that Halal tourism is a subcategory of tourism which is geared towards Muslim families who abide by rules of Islam. Therefore the success of developing and marketing Halal tourism destination must be guided by the adoption of Islamic teachings and principles in all aspects of tourism activities. The concept of Islamic tourism is related to social development physical development spiritual developmenttourism as Ibadah educational value cultural value.

Hassan 2007 simplified that Islamic tourism is a tourism which observes the Islamic values. So that the concept of halal tourism should discuss all aspects with the three-pillar approach of the Islamic economy in order to get a comprehensive view of halal tourism from the point of view of the principles of the owner of goods and services being managed the management model the executor of its management and the distribution system in the community. The concept of Islamic tourism is related to social development physical development spiritual developmenttourism as Ibadah educational value cultural value.

The idea Halal additionally relates the idea Toyyib which means great. The cultural concept for Islamic tourism includes visions and ideas that outline the inclusion of Islamic religious cultural sites in tourism programs with pedagogical and self-confidence building elements. Islamic tourism is a new tourism destination in the world today.

Concept of Islamic tourism Islamic tourism can be defines as tourism activities by Muslims that originate from motivations and are realized according shariah principles. Halal tourism can be summarized by any object or action which is permissible to use or engage in tourism industry according to Islamic teachings. This definition highlights the fact that Islamic tourism is for Muslims and the location of the activities is in Muslim country.

The emergence of Muslim Friendly Tourism MFT in the industry and research has become a regional phenomenon with the awareness among Muslims that are preferring the MFT travel option has increased over time. Al-Hamarneh A Steiner C. Islam came to change many of the distorted concepts that are held by imperfect human minds and to connect them to the most sublime and honourable values and morals.

CONCEPT NOTE IMPROVING ISLAMIC TOURISM ECOSYSTEM IN OIC MEMBER COUNTRIES. The findings found that the concept of MFT still developing and both practices and challenges are in the process of evolving the tourism industry. It tries to encourage a reorientation inside the tourist destinations.

In the minds of earlier nations siyaahah was connected to the concept of self-punishment and forcing oneself to travel through the land and exhausting the body as a punishment for it or as a way of shunning this world. The hotels in such destinations do not serve alcohol and have separate swimming pools and spa facilities for men and women CrescentRatings Glossary of. 1 Improvıng Islamıc Tourısm Ecosystem in OIC Member Countrıes.

Tourism is defined by Islamic Tourism Centre ITC as Islamic Tourism is defined as any activity event and experience undertaken in a state of travel that is in accordance with Islam ITC 2016. The economic concept for Islamic tourism is an extension and expansion oriented concept which focuses on the importance of intra-Muslim and intra-Arab tourism in terms of inclusion of new tourist markets and tourist destinations. Concept Practices and Challenges in Malaysia.

INHART IIUMs definition on Islamic tourism states that the Arabic term called Siyaahah which is. The definition of Islamic tourism also involve activities of travelling to and staying in places outside their. International and domestic.

Destınatıon and Industry Development Project 2017-SESRIC-432 is funded by the COMCEC. Through this tourism religious duty was performed as well as knowledge achieved for wider dimension. This activities can be within the scope of the Hajj Umrah silaturrahim fi-sabilillah acting because of God and others 5.

There are at least 6 basic needs that Muslims need in their daily lives including when doing tourist activities namely the need to purify with water facilities for worship halal food tourist activities that do not conflict with Islamic values ramadan services and recreational facilitiesservices with privacy. Rethinking the strategies of tourism development in.

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