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By: Ahmad Khozinudin

Advocate, Political Writer

This afternoon, on Friday (10/12) the author performed Friday prayers at the Mosque at Taqwa Ujung Harapan, Babelan, Bekasi. The main mosque, which is in the boarding school area of At Taqwa Bekasi.

After finishing the affair with the client, the author headed to the mosque at Taqwa. In addition to Friday prayers, also want to be nostalgic.

In the past, when Kiyai Haji Amin Noer was still alive, before the pandemic, the author periodically came to his residence, near the girls' boarding school environment. I don't know if the 'Maung' is still on the page of his house, which always greets anyone who visits.

From him, the author gets the story of the struggle of Almaghfurlah KH Noer Ali. The figure of a national hero titled 'Singa Karawang Bekasi'. From the moment KH Noer Ali gathered in Masyumi, until finally declared 'absent' from politics after Masyumi frozen the regime and the emergence of various colors of political parties.

Furthermore, al Maghfurlah concentrated on serving in the world of da'wah, education and social by raising Pondok Pesantren At Taqwa. Zahir, KH Amien Noer once aspired to make at Taqwa like Egypt's al Azhar, which produced many scholars who were experts and experts in various branches of science.

When the Sermon was read, the author still remembered khatib's message. The price of death is the Qur'an, the price of death is as Sunnah, whose price of death is Islamic Sharia. This affirmation, becomes the starting point for us to identify the struggle and take what kind of position, in the midst of a liberal and hedonistic life.

Occasionally from a distance, the author's view wants to penetrate and get rid of a number of buildings that block the view, in order to get to the residence of KH Nurul Anwar. He, called Allah SWT first from KH Amien Noer.

Furthermore, with the same imagination, the author also tried to penetrate the view and tried to reach the residence of KH Amien Noer. No doubt, the imagination is hindered by a limited eye view, so that what can be imagined is a memory with him.

Memories with him, with various complaints of illness. Until the story will be washed down blood, even though there is a misdiagnosis.

He returned, when he visited him while being treated in the hospital. Listen to his story and advice.

Remembering the past, we used to cross paths to his residence. At the end of the day, we used to take pictures together. I don't know if anyone still kept the photo.

The author feels lost, and disconnected from friendship with At Taqwa since his passing. Only the author got word from Ustadz Banu, that KH Muhammad Nasir had also returned to Rahmatullah, about 40 days ago.

O Allah, forgive them, our scholars, our teachers, who have gone down the path of Islamic da'wah before us. Give us the opportunity, so that Istiqomah can continue the struggle, for the sake of izzul Islam wal muslimin.

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