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Sustenance that have been mentioned

Etymologically, sustenance is everything that is used to maintain life (given by God), food (daily), livelihood. Sustenance is a blessing given by Allah SWT to each of His servants. There are so many things a person can do to get excited about making a living.

Sustenance can also be interpreted as livelihood, income (money and so on to maintain life), profits, opportunities to get food. However, sustenance is not only in material form. Health, safety, happiness, are also sustenance from Allah SWT. To get sustenance from Allah, we need to try our best and always put our trust in Him in everything we do.

Regarding sustenance, Allah has written about the share of His servants, therefore everyone is different about their sustenance. Whatever form of enjoyment that exists in humans can also be called sustenance. So sustenance is not only fixated on wealth.

Humans are usually only seen from material sustenance. Even though there are many types of food that you can taste, such as good friends, a comfortable environment, and so on. And there are also some people who think that their livelihood is only the result of their hard work. Meanwhile, Allah SWT has prepared eight paths of support mentioned in the Qur'an.

Sustenance, friendship, and death have been ordained by Allah SWT, and will remain a secret. Therefore, as humans, we want to try to get this livelihood. In addition, do not forget to also be accompanied by prayer. The rest, leave it to Allah SWT.

We have summarized various sources that can provide information about the 8 ways of sustenance that have been mentioned in the Qur'an:

1. guaranteed sustenance
As a human being who is given reason by Allah SWT, who wants to take advantage of favors to seek sustenance. Because Allah SWT has guaranteed someone's life. After the promise of Allah appears in the Word of Allah QS. HUD paragraph 6 which reads as follows:
Q.S HUD line 6

2. sustenance due to business results
The second source of income is from business results. Allah SWT does not close our eyes to those who really try and pray for sustenance from Him. And Allah will give them what they used to do.
The word of God in QS. An-Najm verse 39, which reads:
8 road to sustenance

3. Sustenance for always being grateful for Allah's blessings
As long as more than sustenance can, we must get used to talking. Because with gratitude, God will add favors to us. This is explained in the word of Allah QS. Abraham verse 7, which says :
8 roads to sustenance that have been mentioned

4. unexpected sustenance
They never gave us anything unexpected from someone, like clothes or food? Well, also called sustenance. Because it does not support just for the money. If one believes and fears Allah, unexpected sustenance will easily occur.
The word of God in QS. At-Talaq verse 2-3, which says:
unexpected sustenance

5. sustenance because of istighfar
Besides being able to erase sins, Istiqhfar can also bring sustenance. The word of God in QS. Noah reads verses 10-11:
sustenance because of istighfar

6. sustenance due to marriage
Marriage can also be a source of livelihood for someone. Therefore, do not be afraid to get married because Allah has promised in the QS. An-Nuur verse 32, which reads:
sustenance due to marriage

7. sustenance due to the birth of children
Usually, one of the reasons a person is afraid to get married is because he is afraid of not being able to support his wife and children. Still afraid there are people who delay having children. Meanwhile, children are a source of livelihood for their parents. The word of God in QS. El-Isra` line 31 should read:
sustenance due to the birth of children

8. The sustenance that comes because of alms
The last source of sustenance is alms. It is written in QS. Baqarah verse el-245, which reads as follows:
the sustenance that comes because of alms

Therefore, don't be afraid of not being given sustenance because Allah Himself has arranged it.
as we have seen above.

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