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Avoiding drinking, gambling and fighting


Avoiding drinking, gambling and fighting

Avoiding drinking, gambling and fighting In Islam

MuslimCreed | O pious people, know that Islam strictly forbids its people from consuming khamr (liquor), drugs and the like. Alcohol, drugs, and other addictive substances (substances that are addictive) will damage the physical and mental. Besides, such people will also be lazy to work and will not be able to control their finances due to buying drinks and prohibited substances.

People who are addicted will do anything as long as liquor and forbidden substances can be obtained. Indeed, let us seek refuge in Allah to avoid alcohol and these forbidden substances.

In addition, O noble man, stay away from gambling. Have you ever heard that a family fell apart because their parents liked to gamble? This is in accordance with the results of a study conducted by the University of Melbourne, Australia. The study concluded that nearly half of family members who have a gambling habit experience violence. A number of relatives even reported that they were very frustrated by gambling problems. Her family was devastated and it was her children who endured prolonged suffering.

Allah swt says in surah al-Maidah verse 90:


Avoiding drinking, gambling and fighting

Now we know that children from families who have a habit of gambling are actually threatened with becoming objects of violence rather than cases of violence against children in general in society.

However, violence, conflict, and quarrels are not justified in Islamic teachings. As long as problems can be resolved peacefully, we are commanded to resolve them by peaceful means. Violence will only sow the seeds of a prolonged and endless grudge. This of course makes our lives uncomfortable. Whereas Allah swt wants humans to live side by side safely, peacefully, and comfortably. As Muslims, we must be the pioneers in realizing peace in our families, in the environment where we live, and where we work.

Did you know that Allah swt wills the goodness of a believer's life. Every command and prohibition of Allah is intended to regulate the lives of believers in order to achieve happiness in this world and the hereafter. Among the examples of these orders are the command to consume halal food and drink and prohibit the consumption of haram
food and drink. Allah swt justifies all kinds of food and drink that brings benefits and forbids all kinds of food and drink that brings harm.

Strictly Allah swt forbids believers from consuming unlawful food and drink. Among them is Allah swt forbids liquor (khamr).

The prohibition of alcohol is confirmed in the word of Allah swt in Surah al-Baqarah verse 219:


Avoiding drinking, gambling and fighting

O you who believe, know that all forms of intoxicating drink include khamr. Drinking khamr is a heinous act and an act of the devil. Satan intends to instill enmity and hatred among human beings. Besides that, drinking khamr will hinder the remembrance of Allah swt. This is because people who drink khamr will lose consciousness. Allah promises good luck to those who stay away from liquor.

O young generation of the nation's successors, don't let yourself fall into liquor. Stay away from this forbidden drink. Remember that the future is still long. Be a man who believes and fears Allah swt.

Stay away from all forms of gambling because this will make you forget the main task of your study. As adults who have fallen into gambling forget their main duty towards their families. People who are busy at the gambling table usually suffer and neglect their children and families.

Allah swt says in surah al-Maidah verse 32:


Avoiding drinking, gambling and fighting

Allah swt also emphasized that acts of violence that could result in murder are strictly prohibited. Although in this verse it is stated that the prohibition of killing is for the children of Israel, but in essence this prohibition applies to all humans in the world.

The act of taking another person's life is a very heavy sin in the eyes of Allah swt. Even in this verse it is emphasized that killing a person is like killing all mankind. On the other hand, the reward for preserving the life of a human being is like the reward for preserving the life of all mankind.

O you who believe, know that when someone dies because someone has killed him, in the hereafter his right hand will hold his head with a bloody vein in his neck. Meanwhile, his left hand drags the person who killed him before Allah swt. The person who was killed then said: "O my Lord, this person has killed me". Then Allah swt said to the killer "woe to you!" then the killer was dragged to hell. Indeed we seek refuge in Allah swt to be kept away from this heinous act.

Quarrels and killings are strictly prohibited, this prohibition is comprehensive, Muslims are not allowed to fight with fellow Muslims, Muslims are also not allowed to fight with people other than Muslims. Allah wants this life to be peaceful and all problems are dealt with in a good way, such as through deliberation or dialogue.

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