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Caring for Spirit Puppets, and this is the MUI Commission's Response

 Caring for Spirit dolls

Caring for Spirit dolls
Spirit Dolls

Muslim Creed - Currently going viral about spirit dolls. A series of state artists also have Spirit dolls, which are said to have hockey, although the pros and cons of this are really being attacked by Internet users.

These spiritual dolls are not cheap, they run into the millions and, in general, a collector doesn't have just one doll. The following were created in relation to spirit dolls:

1. The history of spirit puppets.

Spirit dolls have been around since ancient times and take many forms. Some are in the form of statues, dolls and voodoo. In Rome, the doll was used to use magical rituals to connect with a god or goddess. In the same way, in Egypt, the era, first, was made a spiritual tool or religious ceremony.

2. Sold in electronic commerce.

From movies related to dolls like Annabelle, more interest is related to stuffed spirits. Stuffed spirits eventually went on sale anonymously on sites like Etsy, eBay and Amazon. Usually, the story will be explained by the history of the stuffed.

3. Used for independent catering.

In 2006, Barb Kobe, who is an artist, created a class inviting people to do doll making. According to him, this can help a person recover physically and mentally. The spirit stuffed making class participants had to make four different medicine dolls.

4. It went viral in Thailand

Before Indonesia, dolls inserted by spirits had gone viral in Thailand with the belief that dolls inserted by spirits could bring good luck. In Thailand, people treat stuffed spirits well.

Usually, stuffed spirits will be taken by monks to pray for and for ceremonial purposes. It is believed that the ritual is directed at attempts to light a spirit knot or fill the stuffed with spirits.

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Dolls are currently a trend among Indonesian artists. For example, Ivan Gunawan and Celine Evangelista, who adopted Spirit dolls.

Quoted by theculturetrip.com, there are actually activities to care for these spirit dolls in Thailand.

In fact, people in Thailand are still thick with superstitious things. There is a doll inserted by the Spirit called Luk Tepp, which is believed to be a way to bring good luck.

Luk Thepp This doll is also said to have been possessed by a spirit and it is believed that it can bring prosperity to those who care for the stuffed spirit. Even the Luk THP doll is also treated like a baby in general, the doll is fed, given clothes and the doll is always taken when going out.

For Thai residents, caring for these stuffed spirits has become common and normal. One of the doll sellers in Thailand, Mae Ning, revealed that stuffed spirits have super powers.

Celebrities in Thailand also come to buy stuffed spirits. They took him to restaurants, salons, and even ordered airplane seats for their spiritual dolls.

One of the budget airlines, in Thailand, allows parents of LUP Tepp to buy seats for stuffed spirits. Even the flight attendants also offer food for their spiritual stuffed.

Previously, it was said that stuffed Luk TheP was a fetus that died before birth and entered a stuffed spirit. Then, there are also those who say that this stuffed Luk THP is a very strong combination of Buddhism in Thailand and is influenced by Hinduism, animism and dynamism.

Stuffed Roh, which was adopted by a series of public figures, became a hot topic for discussion. The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) also responded to this new, absurd trend.

There are people who take care of the stuffed spirits and say that the dolls are like their children. Provided food and drink. Some people even say that dolls can bring good luck to their owners. This is the Indonesian Ulema Council.

The President of the Fatwa Commission of the Indonesian Ulema Council, KH Hasanuddin AF, said that people who deal with stuffed Roh believe that stuffed can bring good luck, not in accordance with Islamic teachings. Belief in something more than them that can lead to good luck or vice versa, such as bad luck and accidents, this is an attitude that deviates from the teachings of Islam.

"Every object if we believe that there is something strong in it (what can bring good luck or misfortune), it has deviated (from the Islamic faith)," Kiai Hasanuddin told Republika on Thursday (6/1)

He explained that people who believe there are other powers other than Allah SWT, which can give luck or vice versa, such people are called polytheists and their actions are called shirk.

Musrik is someone who associates something with God. Shirk is behavior that associates partners with Allah with others.

Kiai Hasanuddin advises all Muslims to remember the Shahada, Ashadu Alla Illaha illalloh WA Ayshadu Anna Muhammad rosulullohh (I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and

Muhammad is the messenger of Allah). So Muslims have to accept faith or convince that Allah is the Almighty.

"There is no other god or other creature that needs to be worshiped apart from Allah. Other creatures should not be followed) and there is a belief other than Allah SWT, the Muslim belief should be like that," he said.

According to him, adopting, feeding and drinking dolls is an unreasonable act. Therefore, he advised Muslims, especially public figures, such as artists, not to take strange actions during this period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

"Wagara should not make unreasonable things, we must really take care of ourselves and our hearts, according to Islam, in this condition, (not) allowed to make unreasonable things that are strange and unproductive," said Kiai Hasanuddin.

Previously, the Secretary of the Directorate General of Community Guidelines at the Ministry of Islamic Services, Muhammad Fuad Nasar, responded to the stuffed Roh. He decreed that spirit puppets and anything inanimate should not be considered as if they had the truth and were not worthy of bringing good luck or vice versa.

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He explains that it's fun to collect artwork and toys that are similar to living things, as long as they're not overdone. "Believing in the existence of spirits and the magical power of objects or objects made by humans or any natural object means reducing the value of human dignity, because it is contrary to the value of Tawhid as the principle of faith in Allah SWT," Fuad reported from the official website of the Ministry of Religion.

Fuad evaluates, in a review of religious moderation, everything that insults the dignity, status and dignity of humanity as beneficial beings must be prevented.

"Humans are the highest creation of God, the highest and most noble creature among all of Allah's creations," he explained.

Fuad explained, in the universe there is only Allah SWT, nature and humans. With regard to the three relationships, according to Islamic teachings, nature cannot exert a supernatural influence on human life. then humans are made as the Caliph of Allah on Earth, while humans and nature are subject to Allah SWT.

"Thinking people should not fall into feelings and behaviors that are submerged in acts of apostasy, that is, associating partners with God," he said.

Fuad stated, "in the Qur'an it is stated that humans should only fear and hope for God, not His creation, especially things made by human hands. Even the prophets and apostles were not given knowledge by Allah about the Spirit and other Nature, if any , it will be very limited and few.

"Humans cannot create spirits or life, they cannot summon spirits from their realms, and cannot give or transfer spirits to inanimate objects. Spirits are God's business and modern science cannot penetrate them," said Fuad.

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