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Muslim Creed - Marriage or marriage is the main characteristic is collected and united. According to other terms, it can also mean Ijab Qobul (marriage contract) which requires communication between human pairs which is spoken by words intended to proceed to marriage, according to the rules required by Islam . The word zawaj is used in the Koran, the main characteristic of which is a couple which in its use can also be interpreted as marriage, Allah s.w.t. makes humans in pairs, legalizes marriage and forbids adultery.

Marriage is a practice that completes half of Islam. The Messenger of Allah (SAW) ordered all of his followers, both men and women who were mature and of sound mind, to marry. Marriage also prevents people from committing adultery and disgrace.

Marriage has legal rules and conditions. If these conditions are not met, then this marriage is invalid in the eyes of religion and Allah SWT. Of the many conditions that exist, nothing prohibits the marriage of a Muslim woman who is menstruating.

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Shaykh Muhammad bin Salih Al-Utsaimin said that the marriage contract for a woman who was menstruating was valid, there was no problem. The law or the main conditions of the contract are lawful and valid, unless there is evidence that forbids it. Meanwhile, there has never been any evidence stating that the marriage contract is unlawful when a woman is menstruating.

Rasulullah SAW was said to have been angry when he heard the news that Abdullah bin Umar had mentally abused his wife who was menstruating. He ordered Abdullah to reconcile and let his wife remain as a wife until she is pure from menstruation, then menstruation returns and is pure from menstruation. After that, it was up to Abdullah whether he wanted to keep his wife or his mentality.

This is based on the word of Allah SWT in At-Thalaq verse 1, "O Prophet, if you divorce your wives, then you should divorce them.them when they can (face) their iddah (which is reasonable) and calculate the time of the iddah and fear Allah your Lord. Do not take them out of their homes and do not let them (allowed) go out unless they do clear abominations."

Shaykh Muhammad bin Salih also said that although the marriage was considered valid, the husband was forbidden to have sexual relations until the wife was pure from menstruation. This is in accordance with the words of Allah SWT in Al-Baqarah verse 222, "They ask you about menstruation. Say, 'Menstruation is dirt.' So stay away from women when you are menstruating, and do not approach them until they are pure. When they are pure, then come to them where Allah has commanded you."

To avoid unwanted actions, not a few are suggesting that this husband and wife sleep in separate rooms. This is to avoid one of them being tempted by the devil to have a forbidden husband and wife relationship. It is better to separate the bed while it is better to avoid things that are forbidden by Allah SWT.

After the contract, many couples perform sunnah prayers together. The wife can't do this either. To replace it, the husband can perform the sunnah prayer alone and then hold the crown of the wife while praying.

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The reason why a marriage is illegal

• Women are forbidden to marry by men because of their offspring (haram forever) and it is stated in Surah an-Nisa: Verse 23 which reads, "It is forbidden for you to marry your mother, your child, your brother, the daughter of a sister to your brother, and sister's daughter to sister.":

• Mother

• Grandmother from mother and father

• Daughters & their descendants

• Sisters in line or one father or one mother

• Daughters for both brothers and sisters, i.e. all daughters of a sister

• Women who are forbidden to marry by men because of breastfeeding are:

• Breastfeeding mothers

• Grandmother of nursing mother

• Breastfeeding sister

• Daughter for brother or sister

• Cousins of nursing mothers or nursing fathers

• Women are muhrim for men because of offerings are:

• Mother-in-law

• Stepmother

• Step-grandmother

• Daughter-in-law

• Stepdaughter and offspring

• Sister-in-law and her descendants

• Cousin of wife's brother

• Wife's sister's daughter and offspring

Marriage Wisdom

• A lawful and holy way to channel lust through this s

• other than through adultery, prostitution, and other things that are hated by God and very detrimental.

• To get peace of life, love and peace

• Maintain self-purity

• Implementing sharia demands

• Creating offspring that are beneficial to religion, nation and state.

• As an educational medium: Islam is meticulous in providing a healthy environment for raising children. Children who are raised without parents will make it easier for the child to fall into immoral activities. Therefore, the family institution recommended by Islam is not too difficult and is based on teaching and guidance to children

• Realizing cooperation and responsibility

• Able to strengthen friendship.

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