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The soul is calmer by doing a lot of prostration

The soul is calmer by doing a lot of prostration

MuslimCreed.com Let's think, many people have to be helped with oxygen gas cylinders to breathe, assisted with prosthetic legs and canes to walk, to speak sign language, and many other examples. Have they ever given up or regretted the situation? It turns out that they are still optimistic and always grateful for the other blessings that Allah has given to them.

With this example, people who are born with more perfect conditions should be grateful for the blessings that Allah swt has given. We have been given a pair of eyes, have we used them to see good things? or vice versa is used for immorality. We have been given a pair of ears, have we used them to listen to good things? Have we become people who are good at being grateful?

Realizing the expression of gratitude can be done anytime, anywhere, and in various ways. We can express our gratitude shortly after receiving a favor, after every prayer, after eating, when we wake up, after we finish defecating, and so on. We can also express gratitude when we are at home, on the road, at school, even when we are on a football field we can express gratitude. There are also various ways of expressing gratitude, such as by saying Alhamdulillah, doing prostration of gratitude, giving alms, and increasing worship.

Besides, someone who is given a blessing in the form of health can be grateful for it by using that health to do good deeds. A person who wants to be grateful because he has been given a pair of eyes, should be grateful by looking at it well. Likewise, someone who wants to be grateful for having been given a pair of ears that can hear must be used to hear good things too. Whatever is given by Allah swt to us is the best for us, we must be sincere with Allah's destiny. Even though sometimes we don't like destiny.

O believers, being a person who is good at being grateful is very important. When we are given by Allah swt various favors and advantages, remember that no matter how great a human being, he is still a servant. Servant of Allah, the almighty, almighty, almighty, and most exalted. Therefore, we are always ordered to prostrate and humble ourselves before Allah swt. The prostration is performed at the time of prayer, or other prostrations such as prostration of gratitude, sahwi, and recitations. Hopefully by prostrating our hearts and souls become calmer.

Prostration is a form of submission and self-servitude to Allah swt. It is only to Allah swt that humans can prostrate. As for our fellow humans, we are commanded to respect each other. When we prostrate, the forehead, palms, feet, and knees are all attached to the ground (pads of prostration). This is the most ideal position as a form of submission, submission, and total obedience to Allah swt.

Prostration is very common in prayer. All kinds of prayers must have prostration except the Corpse prayer. In the fardu prayer, every rakaat there are two prostration. In a day and night we are obliged to pray 17 cycles, meaning that we have made prostration 34 times. If we add to the various kinds of sunnah prayers, we will prostrate more to Allah swt.

The following is a brief discussion of the prostration of gratitude, sahwi, and recitations

1. prostration of gratitude

Gratitude means thanking Allah swt. Prostration of gratitude is prostration that is performed when a person gets pleasure from Allah or avoids danger.

The wisdom of performing the prostration of gratitude is as follows:

- will avoid being arrogant or arrogant

- Obtaining inner satisfaction related to the grace that has been received from Allah swt.

Feeling close to Allah swt so that you get His guidance and guidance.

2. prostration sahwi

The prostration of sahwi is the prostration that is performed because of forgetfulness or hesitation in prayer. The prostration is done twice and is done after reciting the final tahiyat before greeting.

The wisdom of doing prostration sahwi

Humans should not behave arrogantly and arrogantly Because humans are a place of wrong and forgetfulness who never forgets only Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala. People who make mistakes, make mistakes, and forget to immediately ask Allah for forgiveness by reading istighfar.

The next lesson is that we are taught to understand that other people can be wrong too. if that person admits his mistake and apologizes then as Muslims are taught to immediately give sorry remember that arrogant nature can be infected to anyone, anytime, and anywhere

3. Prostrate recitations

Prostration of recitation is prostration that is done because of reading the verses of Sajdah in the Koran during prayer and outside prayer, Good when reading/memorizing alone or while listening.

The wisdom of doing prostration recitations

Keep away from the temptations of the devil, more deeply appreciate the reading and meaning of the Qur'an that is being read, draw closer to Allah swt.

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