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Respect and obey parents and teachers


Respect and obey parents and teachers

Respect and obey parents and teachers

Muslimcreed - O pious people, who is the most meritorious person in our lives? Of course parents and teachers. Parents have given attention and love to us since we were in the womb. A mother sincerely cares for a prospective baby in the womb for approximately nine months and ten days. 

During pregnancy, a mother experiences worsening conditions. Even so, no complaints were spoken from a mother, why? Because everything is done with sincerity and full of love. So that the pain, pain, fatigue becomes lighter even that appears only a sense of happiness.

During childbirth, mothers risk their lives for the safety of their children. You can't even imagine how painful it is to give birth. But no complaints from a mother. 

The happy tears of a mother accompany the birth of her child. It doesn't just stop there, a mother has to take care of her baby, breastfeed, change diapers, bathe, wash clothes, and accompany her to sleep with full sincerity. If the child wakes up in the middle of the night, the mother will wake up immediately to make sure the child is well.

Likewise a father, works hard every day to provide for the needs of his wife and children. A father faithfully accompanies and takes care of his wife while pregnant. Fathers also play an important role in maintaining the emotional stability of his wife. A wife who is stressed during pregnancy will affect the health of the fetus. Of course a father wants his children and wife to stay healthy.

Thus both parents have a very big service in our lives. Thanks to both of us we can be born in this world. We must therefore respect and obey his counsel. All parents want their children to grow up to be smart, intelligent and pious children. O smart young generation, know that obeying and respecting parents is an obligation

Besides parents, teachers also have a big role in educating and teaching us knowledge. Teachers are our parents at school. Teachers teach sincerely, provide motivation, advice and be role models in speech and behavior. Teachers are also instrumental in instilling and familiarizing noble character in schools. Thanks to the teacher we can read and have a variety of knowledge. This knowledge is a provision for us to live in this world, therefore we obey the advice of the teachers. Indeed, glorifying and respecting a teacher is a commendable character.

Respect and obey parents based on Islamic teachings

Islam regulates the relationship between parents and their children, including the social procedures. Between parents and children each have rights and obligations. Among the obligations of parents to children is to care for and educate as well as possible in accordance with Islamic law. The educational process in the family environment is very influential on the mental and spiritual development of children. Therefore, parents must provide the best education for their children.

In Islam, both parents have a high position. Every child is required to do good to both parents (Birul Walidain). Birul walidain is also interpreted as being devoted to parents.

The obligation to respect and obey parents is enshrined in the Qur'an. There are many verses that talk about this, including: Surah an-Nisa verse 36

O pious children, do you know how to respect and obey both parents? 

If our parents are still alive, it can be done by:

  • Listen to everything he says with respect and humility.
  • Help with housework or other work that can lighten the burden on parents.
  • Always ask for blessings

If a parent has died then the way to respect and obey it is as follows:

  • Connecting ties with relatives and friends of parents.
  • Continuing the ideals of parents
  • Pray for father and mother by asking forgiveness from Allah swt.

How to respect the teacher:

  • Greet and say hello when you meet
  • Listen and listen carefully to all his words.
  • Follow the lesson with enthusiasm
  • Look at the teacher with respect
  • Should sit in front of the teacher politely and quietly.

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