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Knowledge is the capital for us to live life

Knowledge is the capital for us to live life

Stages of knowledge

Knowledge is the capital for us to live life. Without knowledge we will live life without direction and purpose. Even according to Sayyidina Ali bin Abi Talib, knowledge is more valuable than wealth. Because you are the one who keeps the wealth, while the knowledge that keeps you.

There is so much knowledge in life. Both science in religion, in interacting with nature, in interacting with fellow humans, even science in interacting with the universe.

But the science of religion is the most fundamental of all existing knowledge. With religion we know about faith, piety, adab, ethics, and so on that make humans into different and most perfect living beings on this earth.

Without religious knowledge which is the basic foundation, other sciences will be abstract and endless. Because religious knowledge will guide us if everything that exists on this earth has been created so perfectly that humans and other living things can coexist.

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There are three stages of a person in seeking knowledge in order to elevate his status as a human being

According to Sayyidina Umar bin Khattab, there are three stages of a person in seeking knowledge in order to elevate his status as a human being.

In the first stage, when he knows a science, he will be arrogant. Have we ever felt like we know something and other people don't know it yet, then we feel arrogant? If so, it shows that at that time we were in the first stage of studying.

The sense of wanting to be appreciated or even feeling the best is common to us as humans. However, such an attitude shows that we still do not understand if the knowledge we know is actually only a small part of the real knowledge and perhaps we have not seen the whole thing at all. And pride from within humans will actually close our eyes, ears, and even our hearts to find out more deeply than the knowledge we learn.

In the second stage, when he understands a knowledge, he will be humble. When we understand a science, we will actually feel humbled because the scope of the knowledge we actually learn is so wide. The sense of tawadhu will also open our eyes, ears, and hearts to continue seeking knowledge from anywhere and anyone.

The third stage, when mastering a science then he will realize if there is nothing. This knowledge will not only open our eyes, ears and hearts, but also subdue them. Because the knowledge we learn has led us to the perfection of all His creation.

With knowledge will guide us if everything that exists on this earth has been created with all its balance, and shows the Oneness of God who has bestowed upon all His creatures. In this way, all human pride will disappear and faith will increase, knowing that God's power is above all.

By knowing the virtues of studying, it will lead us to raise our rank as human beings before God and other human beings. If we want noble honor, wealth without possessions, success that is timeless, power without weapons, then we must be knowledgeable. So what stage are you at right now?

Amil ideally is a person who is highly knowledgeable and has many deeds. However, if this is used as a parameter when looking for an amil figure, we will certainly be disappointed. In fact, today's amyl-amil are relatively young in age and in general, their knowledge and abilities cannot be called mature. Especially in terms of exemplary charity.

For amil, like a Muslim in general, seeking knowledge is an obligation. This applies to male or female amil.

In a number of scholars' descriptions, it is often said that seeking knowledge is also an obligatory worship that has no sunnah like other worship. Being a smart amil, it is clear that all zakat institutions are expected. They must have imagined that if all the amils were smart, it would be easy to find solutions to problems that arose, both internally and externally to the organization.

When we talk about knowledge, as stated by Caliph Umar Bin Khattab, it turns out that there are 3 stages when a person seeks knowledge. He said: "Knowledge has three stages. If a person enters the first stage, he will be arrogant. If he enters the second stage he will be humble. And if he enters the third stage, he will feel that he is nothing".

This apparently applies also to the amil in the world of zakat. Those who have just joined amil and have not long learned any knowledge related to zakat, may be infected with the stages of learning as Caliph Umar said earlier. They still feel great and even arrogant.

This is sometimes triggered by growing feelings of self more than others and knowing a lot of things that have not been taught long ago. At the same time, there is also a temptation to think that all knowledge is outdated, old-fashioned and does not know the latest developments.

The arrogance that manifests itself may not feel the seed at first. It grows slowly and burns the awareness that basically everyone should not be belittled, let alone belittled.

Furthermore, after a person enters the stage of arrogance, he will enter the stage of tawadhu'. This stage is the second stage in seeking knowledge. After the arrogance after the arrogance that he displayed, it could be that he was finally affected by it himself. As the saying goes, "patting the water in the pan, splashes your own face".

This proverb means that if we do something evil or arrogant, the matter will come back to us. Whatever is done to cover oneself to appear high and noble from others, in the end, it can end up with something that is embarrassing to one's own good name.

This humility grows the opposite of arrogance. When pride becomes dominant in one's heart, then the sense of tawadhu' decreases in proportion. On the other hand, if this sense of humility is getting bigger, then the arrogant attitude will slowly shrink.

Like rice, the more you have knowledge, the more you bend down. So much knowledge was absorbed, then the pride in his heart fell, he even humbled himself more towards other people.

The third stage, when someone is studying, it turns out that he feels that there is nothing. He felt smaller. This happens because at this stage he feels that knowledge is like a vast ocean. When he gets a knowledge, he will feel lacking in himself, he is thirsty for knowledge, and even devotes his whole life to continuing to study and learn to gain as much knowledge as possible.

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