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The story of the Prophet Musa with Qarun

The Story of the Prophet Musa with Qarun

The Story of the Prophet Musa with Qarun 

Muslimcreed - In the era of the Prophet Musa like, there were rich traders named Qarun. For some narration he is one of the prophet's brothers. Not only has a lot of wealth, Qarun is also a knowledgeable person. In addition, it was said that he was an experts in the Torah, not only the Prophets Moses and Aaron. But the story of Qarun in the Qur'an ended tragically, because he and all his wealth drowned by Allah SWT because of pride.

During his life, Qarun was known as a multi-talent creature. He was nicknamed "Munawir" because the sweetness of his voice in reading the Torah. Not only that, Qarun is also a jelly man in business and knows various tricks to speed up his business. Thanks to that, he became a successful trader and was known as a very rich person in the era of the Prophet Moses.

Long before Qarun's wealth is abundant, he is actually only poor people who cannot support his family. Bored with this condition, then Qarun asked the Prophet Moses to pray for him so that Allah SWT would distribute many treasures. The Prophet Moses agreed without hesitation because he knew that Qarun was a very godly person and Abraham's teaching follower was very good.

Qarun was registered between the Prophets Musa a. At first he was a very poor man. Something when he asked Moses to be prayed to be rich. With God's permission, until Qarun some time after that he became rich, his wealth and savings were very large. Moreover, the key to deposits cannot be done except by several strong people.

However, Qarun did not obey the Prophet Moses and Aaron, he did not accept the advice of both, and he thought that the wealth and pleasure he got was his right. There are no rights of other people who are registered poorly. He insisted that he got it only because of his hard work and his knowledge.

Qarun's disobedience went crazy when he spent his wealth for worldly interests. He used a lot of wealth in irregularities, injustices, and hostility, so he became arrogant, drunk and complacent with it all. He also does not obey God and choose to worship tears, God-headed all crocodile and other gods.

Not only did he disobey God, he also betrayed the Prophet Moses. The Qur'an equates Qarun's betrayal with the refusal of Pharaoh, Ramses II, from the monotheistic teachings carried by Moses.

One day Qarun went to Medina with shiny jewelry and lots of equipment while wearing clothes that looked elegant as king. When he passed other people, until some of them approached him to give him advice, saying "Don't be too proud, the property is just a deposit from Allah SWT". Hearing this suggestion, Qarun refused Arrogan, he said, "Indeed, this property is mine, what is your business? I can be rich because of the knowledge and abilities in me." He was very arrogant and reported that the wealth he had obtained was due to his intelligence and abilities, not because of anyone.

Something when Qarun came out before humans with a convoy complete with guards, servants

Sahaya and all of his luxuries show his grandeur with his people. At that time there were several people who were fascinated by Qarun's wealth and jewelry. They hope they have something like Qarun, but the godly people say, "Don't be fascinated by wealth, God's gift is better for those who believe and do good deeds."

One day, the Prophet Moses was commanded by God to do zakat. The Prophet Moses then sent one of his followers to take zakat from Qarun. When he arrived, Qarun was soon angry and did not want to share his wealth. Because for Qarun, his wealth is the result of hard work and his own efforts, there is no connection with anyone, there is no relationship with God, or God anything.

Qarun did not like to be suggested and asked to pay tithing by the Prophet Moses. Therefore, he tried to disturb and destroy the image of the Prophet Moses. Once upon a time, he hired a woman to accuse the Prophet Moses had done something indecent. Hearing this, the Prophet Moses was very sad and destroyed, he then prayed 2 Rak'ah and straightened all the charges including confirming the woman.

Incidentally Qarun reached its peak when he felt better and more respectful than all humans, including the Prophet Moses. He said he did not need advice from anyone. In addition, he does not feel any need, including forgiveness and threats from Allah SWT. According to him, all his property is enough to do everything.

When Qarun continued to act materialistic, arrogant, arrogant and arrogant, until God buried Qarun and his people to earth, and no one else could help him. When a scary incident occurred, people who want to like Qarun say, "Oh, it's true that God expanded the sustenance he wanted from his servant and narrowed him, if God did not give a gift to us, he really did it. Immerse us ( Also). O, those who deny (blessings of Allah SWT) are not lucky.

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