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Terrible, here are some types of drinks and food for the inhabitants of hell


Terrible, here are some types of drinks and food for the inhabitants of hell

Allah swt created something there must be a wisdom, one of which Allah made hell not because Allah is very angry or very cruel, but it is a reward for humans who during their lives always do damage and evil.

Hell is where the wicked of the world will live forever. The type of food for the inhabitants of hell is terrible too!

Who doesn't want to live in hell? A place in the afterlife filled with terrible torments.

It is said that for adherents of Islam, hell is a place in the afterlife for people who do not obey Allah's commands in this world.

In the Qur'an and hadith, hell is often described as a place of torment and retribution for those who disobey Allah's commands.

Not only the place, it turns out that the inhabitants of hell are treated to very bad and terrible food.

Then what are the dishes prepared for the inhabitants of hell?

Let's see!!

1. Boiling Iron Water

The inhabitants of Hell are treated to very boiling hot water, which when drunk it destroys their bodies.

In the Qur'an surah al-Kahf verse 29 this water is described as a very bad drink and the ugliest place provided for unjust people, which will scorch their faces.

2. Disgusting pus Very terrible!

The second dish In addition to boiling iron water, the Qur'an also informs in Surah Ibrahim verses 16 and 17 that in the Hell of Hell will be given a drink in the form of disgusting pus which is a punishment for those who always sin and there is still a punishment that is heavier than that.

3. Ghislin (a mixture of pus and blood)

The third is ghislin, which is food in the form of pus that is served to the inhabitants of hell.

As in the Qur'an Surah Al Haqqah verse 36 that there is no food provided for the inhabitants of Hell except from blood and pus.

4. Dzaghussah

Launching the Republika.co.id page, Dzaghussah according to Ibn Abbas's interpretation is food that sticks in the throat, continues to be stored there, and does not go in and out.

It's terrible, isn't it?

5. Dhari'

No less terrible and torturous, Dhari' food in the Qur'an is described as ugly and cruel food.

Dhari 'is food from thorny trees that will not be able to fatten and eliminate hunger.

There is no food for them but a tree with thorns, which neither fattens nor quenches hunger. (Surat al-Ghasyiyah: 6-7).

6. Zaqqum

The last food that will be obtained by the inhabitants of hell is Zaqqum.

This bad food comes from a tree that was created from fire.

There is a hadith that describes how scary the Zaqqum tree is.

It is said that if the drops of water from the Zaqqum tree drip onto the earth, it will destroy the lives of the people there.

Can you imagine if the tree was eaten by the inhabitants of hell!

"If a drop of water from the zaqqum tree falls to the earth, it will destroy the lives of the people of the world. So, what about the person who ate it?” (HR Ahmad Syakir in Musnad Ahmad, from the path of Mujahid bin Jabr al-Makki, with a valid sanad)

May we all be given safety from the terrible fire of hell... amen

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