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Willing to Forgive is the Best Way to Improve Yourself

Willing to Forgive is the Best Way to Improve Yourself

There is no way to be good instantly. Everything in the world needs a process, including how to improve yourself. Humans are not machines that can click once back to its original state. Even machines need processing and take a long time to repair. Many people ask how to be yourself when in turmoil, not knowing which way to go in life. Various influences that come from outside make him no longer know who he really is.

No human is perfect, all of us make mistakes and we are given the opportunity and time to learn to always improve ourselves, to be good again. It could be that some days are days that we think are good, the next few days we feel down, trapped in emotions or trapped in inappropriate behavior for one reason or another.

Some small mistakes, such as accidentally spilling coffee on someone's shirt or pushing someone blocking the road in a train car, or mistakes that we consider big, such as collusion or corruption, can all happen in this life.

Realizing mistakes is the first door to improving life and the intention to fix it must be accompanied by maximum effort. There is no way to be good except to avoid falling into the same pit. To improve ourselves, we need to be serious about doing it, not just a word of mouth.

That is if we make mistakes. What if it was someone else who did something wrong to us, did something inappropriate and made our hearts hurt? Of course this wound is not easy to heal. There will be a desire to retaliate or at least to want the person to be treated accordingly as he did to us. This is where the next test must pass, so that we can advance to become better people than now, so that we can achieve success and glory.

Being ourselves, not with anyone who agrees to get revenge, is what we should be doing. Because religion never teaches revenge, it teaches people to forgive others. Forgiveness is a way to be kind and a way to improve when most people prefer to hold grudges and seek revenge.

Forgiveness will help you to achieve your goals even for the most practical and immediate goals. And forgiveness is what makes you better and better than people who don't want to do it. Maybe you want a better job, earn more money, have better relationships,

or live in a better place, forgiveness will help you to achieve all of those goals. Because it is a positive behavior that will attract positive energy to anyone who thinks positively.

If you haven't forgiven then some of your inner life energy will be trapped in hatred, anger, pain, or suffering from various things. Energy

this trapped life will limit you. It's like trying to ride a bicycle with some of the brakes on. It will definitely slow you down, be frustrating and difficult to move forward.

Learning to forgive yourself is also very important. Hurting yourself, by refusing to forgive yourself, can also hurt others. If you don't forgive yourself then you are also punishing yourself by rejecting yourself for the good things in your life. The more you reject yourself, the less you will have to give.

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