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Dreams of Meeting the Prophet According to Hadith Scholars

Dreams of Meeting the Prophet According to Hadith Scholars

Dreams of Meeting the Prophet According to Hadith Scholars

Have you ever heard the story of Imam al-Ghazali getting his hadith through a dream to meet the prophet? It is said that every time Imam al-Ghazali has difficulty finding hadith and verifying it, he always prays for a dream to meet the prophet so that he can ask him directly.

Getting a hadith through a dream of meeting the prophet as in the case of Imam al-Ghazali got various reactions from the scholars. Imam as-Suyuthi, for example, does not consider dreams as one of the tahammulwalada', how to get hadiths and convey them, because getting hadiths through dreams cannot be verified. No one knows the truth of a dream except the person who dreamed it himself. In contrast to direct narration, the ulema can verify the narrators in their chain of chains, either through sighattahammulwalada', their dhabit and justice, years of birth and death, and their stay at a place where the narrator can meet his teacher. , and so forth.

Based on this, the hadith scholars agreed not to take the traditions narrated by dream experts as part of the hadiths that were written, recorded, or even canonized. Therefore, we never find the traditions narrated through dreams in the hadith books, especially the pole as-sittah.

For people who think that the dream of meeting is the truth, they usually rely on a hadith that when you dream of meeting a prophet, then that is a prophet, not a devil who turns into a prophet. We can indeed find this hadith in authentic hadith books, including the hadiths of al-Bukhari and Muslim.

من رآني فقد رآني حقاً

Everyone who dreams of meeting me (Rasulullah SAW), then he has actually met me. (al-Bukhari)

Moreover, another hadith also explains that the devil will not be able to resemble the prophet.

من رآني في المنام فقد رأى الحق، فإن الشيطان لا يتمثل بي

Everyone who dreams of meeting me (Prophet Muhammad) in a dream has actually seen me. Because the devil will not be able to resemble my face.

These two hadiths, even for scholars, cannot be interpreted arbitrarily. Hadith scholars, such as Ali Mustafa Yaqub criticize those who interpret this hadith in letterlijk. According to him in "at-Thuruq as-Sahihah fi Fahm as-Sunnah an-Nabawiyah", the above hadith must be understood together with other thematic traditions.

For example, there is another hadith which explains that when you dream of meeting the prophet, you will see the prophet awake.

من رآني في المنام فقد فسيرآني في اليقضة

Now, because there is this hadith, the above hadith cannot stand alone. For Kiai Ali Mustafa Yaqub, this hadith is an explanation for the previous hadith. Imam Ibn al-Arabi in AridahAhwadziSyarhSunan at-Tirmidhi, as quoted by Kiai Ali Mustafa Yaqub, explained that there are at least four editorials related to the hadith of the dream of meeting the prophet:

1) faqadra'ani fil yaqdah (then it has seen in an awakened state);

2) faqafra'anihaqqan;

3) fasayarani fil yaqdah (then they will see me awake);

4) lakaanamara'ani fil yaqdah.

For Kiai Ali Mustafa Yaqub, the first three editors are considered acceptable. According to Kiai Ali, for the companions of the prophet, who can meet the prophet every day, he can certainly verify his dream. Because he could see firsthand what the prophet looked like. However, for a person who has never met a prophet, how can he verify that what he meets is really a prophet? Yet he never met the prophet. What if the devil pretends to be a certain person, then he claims to be a prophet. Satan indeed cannot resemble the face of the prophet, but he can resemble the face of others and claim to be a prophet.

How many apostates just because of a dream to meet the prophet. In fact, Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jailani who was approached by the light who claimed to be God he did not accept, because God never ordered evil.

For this reason, for the scholars of hadith, the dream of meeting the prophet and narrating the hadith from that path cannot be acknowledged and verified. In terms of this hadith, the scholars are rather strict and tend to be rational. Because the hadith is closely related to istinbath (how to dig) the law. If the hadith is wrong, then it could be wrong also the results of extracting the law.

However, we cannot punish people who claim to dream of meeting the prophet as fraud. We can't verify the material of the dream, but we can verify the person who is dreaming. If he is truly an honest person, never lies, and does not make mistakes in memorizing, as is the condition of a person who narrates hadith (just, dhabit) then his dream may be true. If he doesn't have these criteria, let alone a politician who likes to lie, then there's no need to listen and treat it like his other boasts.

In terms of dreams of meeting the prophet, for Sufis it is possible. For Sufis, people who can dream of meeting the prophet are people whose hearts are clean.


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