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Islamic way of slaughtering animal

Islamic way of slaughtering animal
Islamic way of slaughtering animal

Love animals in the Shari'a of Slaughter

How many blessings has Allah swt bestowed upon you? Have you ever tried to count the favors of Allah swt? Of course, we all will not be able to count them because the number of blessings of Allah swt is infinite. Allah swt gives sustenance to all His creatures without exception. Those who disobey and disobey Allah swt are also given the opportunity to live the same as pious people. The difference is, pious people will get bounty in this world and the hereafter, while those who disobey will get torment in the hereafter.

So we should always be grateful to Allah swt. Allah swt has provided food sources for us from plants and animals. Before consuming animal meat, it is necessary to slaughter it first. However, there are certain types of animals that do not need to be slaughtered first, such as fish.

Slaughtering an animal is not meant to hurt it, but on the contrary to treat the animal well. Imagine, for example, chickens, ducks, or other live birds that are put directly on the frying pan! Of course these animals will be very tormented, besides processed meat products like that are not healthy and can cause disease. Therefore, before being consumed, these animals must be slaughtered first.

Do you know why animals to be consumed must be slaughtered first? Islam teaches that every animal that will be consumed must be slaughtered according to the provisions of the Shari'a. The meat of the slaughtered animal will be healthy for consumption. However, it should be noted that there are two types of animals that are lawful for consumption without being slaughtered first, namely fish and grasshoppers.

Slaughtering of animals must be done in a good and correct way according to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. Slaughter of animals is not the same as deadly. Killing an animal can be done in various ways, such as being stabbed, strangled, poisoned, or beaten. Slaughter is carried out in certain ways and conditions according to the Shari'a. Animals that have been slaughtered will be good and holy and lawful to eat. As believers, we must slaughter animals properly and correctly. Because the slaughter is not good and right will cause the animal is not lawful for consumption.

Slaughter that is prescribed in Islamic teachings is a slaughter that meets the following conditions.

a. the provisions of the person who slaughtered

The conditions that must be met by a buyer are as follows:

1. The slaughterer is Muslim

Slaughter committed by infidels (disbelievers to Allah swt), people who are idolaters (associating partners with Allah swt), and people who are apostates (out of Islam) are not legal.

2. slaughtering intentionally

A slaughterer must be conscious and deliberately slaughtering.

3. The slaughterer is mature and intelligent

It is not legal to slaughter people who are not yet mature and people whose minds are not sane, such as crazy.

The slaughterer reads basmallah.

b. provisions of the animal to be slaughtered

1. Animals are still alive

It is not legal to slaughter a dead animal. As for animals that are sick, strangled, hit, fell, gore by other animals, or that are attacked by wild animals, if we find them almost dead (still alive), then we have time to slaughter them before they die, then the animal is allowed to be eaten.

2. The animal is a halal animal

Animals that are forbidden to be consumed such as frogs, pigs, dogs, and so on are not legally slaughtered. Animals obtained through unlawful means are also not legally slaughtered.

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