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Faith is the basic capital and primary provision for Muslims to perform fasting. In addition, fasting aims to realize a pious person, as mentioned at the end of the verse (la'allakumtattaqun). Thus, one of the targets of fasting is to gain the degree of Muttaqin.

The key to being a muttaqien or being a pious person is to have a fear of Allah SWT for all the sins that have been committed, sincerely repent, and then be replaced with the implementation of goodness-benefit.

Being a muttaqien is closely related to the state of the heart. Where there is no malicious intent and attitude towards you. Rasulullah SAW said, "Muslim is another Muslim brother, does not oppress and demean him, piety is here, piety is here. It means in the heart, "(Hadith narrated by Ahmad).

Fear of Allah Almighty lies in the soul. My piety to Allah, the Most Merciful, is not in a heart that is shaken, but in a heart that is calm. Therefore, Muslims should strive so that their hearts are not shaken, do not act unjustly, and do not humiliate others. In other words, pious Muslims are commanded to do good.

If other people are afflicted with difficulties, then those who are pious are the first to provide assistance while asking the Almighty for help for all conveniences. It can be emphasized here that doing good is the best of piety. The key to being a muttaqien is also to surrender to Him with a calm heart to seek improvements.

Rasulullah SAW said, "He should do something that can make him more devoted to Allah," (Hadith narrated by Muslim).

This Hadith emphasizes that His servant tries to make amends after he has made a mistake.

This muttaqin is the most special degree and is at the highest level for a servant of Allah. Imam al-Ghazali revealed that the word "Taqwa" in the Koran has 3 meanings.

First, Al-khasyyahwa al-haibah (fear and horror). 

Taqwa has the meaning of fear of punishment, punishment and the wrath of Allah which is so terrible because of disbelief and denial of Allah. In addition, taqwa contains the meaning of fear of Allah, fear of falling into vile and evil deeds, fear of sinning, fear of leaving prayer, fear of immorality, fear of forgetting the afterlife, and fear of indulgence in lust so be careful, alert and full of seriousness in maintaining heart, take care of yourself, maintain attitude and maintain behavior from despicable, despicable and disgraceful acts.

Second, Al-ta'ahwa al-ibadah (obedience and worship). 

Taqwa means obedience, namely obedience in carrying out Allah's commands and staying away from His prohibitions with full awareness, sincerity, submission and submission to Allah. In addition, taqwa is worship, surrender, serve oneself and devote oneself to Allah SWT by optimizing worship and righteous deeds.

Third, Tanzih al-qalb 'an adz-dzunub (cleansing the heart from sin). 

A pious person is a person who takes care of himself, keeps himself pure and keeps his heart pure from all kinds of sins, mistakes from despicable traits, such as ujub, riya, takabbur, envy, envy and revenge. Then decorate it with commendable qualities, such as gratitude, pleasure, qonaah, zuhud, tawakkal and sincerity.

As a month full of grace and blessings, the month of Ramadan should be able to raise the atmosphere of spiritual religion. Fasting for a whole month is full of spiritual practices to gain a higher dignity in the sight of Allah. Let's decorate Ramadan by optimizing worship practices, such as tarawih prayers, tadarus al-Qur'an, living the night with dhikr, following religious studies, giving infaq and shadaqoh and always doing good.

The noble month of Ramadan should be a starting point towards piety to Allah by optimizing worship and righteous deeds, not just a mere annual routine, but must be a spiritual madrasa that is ready to forge and restore the spiritual energy of believers to reach the degree of Muttaqin.

May we always be given the strength and ability to always worship and reach the degree of muttaqin.Wallaahua'lam.

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