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This is how to bathe the Prophet, very good for health

Bathing is one of the things that become a daily necessity in addition to eating, drinking and sleeping.

In a health duka, bathing is also an activity to cleanse the body of germs and bacteria that stick to the body so that the body avoids disease

This is how to bathe the Prophet, very good for health

The recommendation for bathing in the medical world is 3 times a day, which is done in the morning, afternoon and evening.

Rasulullah SAW taught bathing procedures which are very good for the health of our bodies. Therefore, it can be an example for the whole community to apply it in daily life.

First, before entering the bathroom, of course pray first. Then, enter the bathroom with your left foot first. This turned out to be very useful. By stepping on the left foot first, we avoid the slippery floor or court, so it will not slip. Like getting off the bus.

The Messenger of Allah bathed in a vessel. Maybe now a kind of bath up. This is done by the Apostle because it is beneficial for health, namely so that body heat can evaporate upward slowly through the head.

Practically, now if you take a shower, flush your left foot first, and your right foot is equal. Slowly rise flush the thighs, stomach and shoulders. Pause for a moment to let body heat evaporate slowly through your head (feel your body).

After that, it can be continued by cleaning the body using soap while waiting for all the body heat to evaporate. After that, his head was just watered. If the head is watered first, it will be dangerous because the body's heat cannot get out. This can cause blood vessels in the head to freeze/block, even burst, which can result in a stroke. Look, many people have recurrent strokes starting from the bathroom. The illustration is like a matchstick. The heat of the fire rises to the top, unlike the water that goes down to the bottom.

Pay attention to the order of the bath. Remember, after showering, go out with your right foot first. Make sure that your toiletries and soap are made of pure/halal ingredients. Mashallah, behind the sunnah of the Prophet, there are health blessings that we must continue to explore.

The teachings of the Prophet how to take a good bath:

  • 1. Starting with a scoop of flush on the soles of the feet
  • 2. Segayung in the calf
  • 3. A scoop on the thigh
  • 4. A cup in the stomach
  • 5. Saddle on the shoulder
  • 6. Pause for 5-10 seconds/second.

We will feel like steam/wind coming out of the crown and even scorching, after that continue

taking a shower as usual.

The wisdom:

Like in a glass filled with hot water then we fill it with cold water. What happened? Glass will crack!

If our body, what is cracked? Our body temperature tends to be hot and the water is cool, so what happens if we take a shower directly flush on the body or head, the wind that should come out becomes

trapped or sometimes lead to death due to rupture of blood vessels.

So that's why we often find people falling in the bathroom suddenly having a 'stroke'. It may be that we often catch colds because of the wrong way we bathe. Maybe we often have migraines because of the wrong way of bathing.

And as for the bath that is recommended by the Prophet Muhammad as follows:

  • 1. Take a shower on Friday
It is recommended (sunnah) for people who want to do Friday prayers, so that body odor does not disturb those around them.
  • 2. Take a bath on Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha
  • 3. The bath of a madman when he recovers from his madness
  • This is because there is an assumption (possibility) that he has semen
  • 4. Take a shower when you want to do ihram or umrah
  • 5. Take a shower after bathing the corpse
  • 6. Bathe a disbeliever after converting to Islam, because when some of the Companions converted to Islam, they were ordered by the Prophet to bathe.

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