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Islam and the world of today's youth

Islam and the world of today's youth

muslim creed Teenagers or adolescent age is closely related to juvenile delinquency, a societal violation of norms, rules, and laws. Today, many teenagers fall into drugs, brawls, premarital sex, abortion, and other deviant behaviors.

It is as if adolescence is a terrible scourge for some people, even for society. Indications that are said to cause juvenile delinquency are an identity crisis, weak self-control to family factors, and parental divorce.

Parenting science on the market teaches a lot of parents to take care of their children to avoid juvenile delinquency with various activities. For example, they exercise, do multiple extracurricular activities, music, dance, etc.

This is considered the stage of physical and emotional development of children. Not only that but sometimes parents are required to be able to divert their teenage children's sexual urges with physical activity in the form of sports.

Parents need to be aware of technological developments regardless of how it works. Because children's mental development is in their hands, what they see will affect thinking and drive behavior.

The closest events we can see are the after-effects of the films Dilan, Say I Love You, Two Blue Lines, and the like. When viewed from the Dilan film scene, for example, many negative scenes are shown, such as open courtship and fights with teachers and fellow students.

The displayed content tends to trigger today's teenagers' curiosity to join in doing the same thing. This also happens because the standard of good and evil, success or not, rests on famous people like actors and actresses.

It's unfortunate for our nation today. We can't get the spectacle that should be a guide and an example. Whereas in Islamic civilization, the figures driving change came from the young group, 7 of the companions of the Messenger of Allah الل ليه لم لى were youths who were under 30 years old, including teenagers.

They are wrapped in faith, piepuritynd qualified knowledge in building the country. Furthermore, t the younger generation of Muslims also have a unique and dignified unique and dignified personal iteration of pious Muslims dominating Indonesia. 

In that case, it is not impossible that this nation can become a great country and build a unique civilization, as exemplified by the Apostle and his companions. So, it seems necessary to standardize the personality of Indonesian youth on Islamic standards.

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