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The tale of repentance for the murder of 100 individuals that made the angels fight

The tale of repentance for the murder of 100 individuals that made the angels fight

Muslimcreed - In the study of the Book of RiyadhusShalihin and Ihya 'Ulumuddin, the Chairperson of the Al-Fachriyah Tangerang Structure, Al-Habib Jindan container Unique Salim Jindan, narrates that moves the heart. This tale is consisted of in the category of chapters of repentance and appreciation.

Habib Jindan said that the nature of repentance is obligatory. If the transgression is relates to Allah Ta'ala, after that he must repent to be devoid of transgression, regret his mistake and promise not to do it again. If it's relates to civils rights, for instance property, after that he is obliged to return it. If it's relates to the recognize of that individual, for instance, he has wronged, after that he must apologize

Habib Jindan informs the tale of a killer at the moment of Prophet Musa 'alaihissalam which is estimated from the Book of Sahih Al-Bukhari. Prophet Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihiwasallam said: "In the moment before you there was someone that had eliminated 99 souls. After that he inquired about the presence of one of the most pious individuals in the world. But he was revealed to a monk (clergyman). After that he concerned him and said, "If someone has eliminated 99 souls, is his repentance approved?" The monk replied, "An individual such as that's not approved for repentance." After that that individual eliminated the monk and the 100 souls he had taken were fulfilled.

After that he again inquired about the location of one of the most pious individual in the world. He was also revealed to a 'alim. After that he asked the scholar, "If someone has eliminated 100 souls, is his repentance still approved?" The pious guy replied, "Yes, it's still approved. And that will stand in between him and repentance? Move far from this place and to a distant place because there's a team of individuals that worship Allah the Exalted, so worship Allah with them. And don't go back to your place (previously) because that place is an extremely bad place."

This guy went (to the place indicated by the pious individual). When he arrived in the center of the trip, fatality also picked him up. Finally, there was a conflict in between the Angel of Grace and the Angel of Ruin. The Angel of Grace said, "He or she was available in a specify of repentance by turning his heart to Allah". But the Angel of Ruin said, "This guy has never ever done any great."

After that another angel was available in human form, they consented to make this angel the breaker of their conflicts. This angel said, "Measure the range in between both places (the range in between the bad place he left and the great place he mosted likely to -pen). If the range is shut, after that he is qualified to he or she." After that they measured the range in between both places and they found that he or she was better to where he was going. Finally, his spirit was uprooted by the Angel of Grace."

The Knowledge Behind This Tale

"If you (you) are inquired about imparting knowledge, do not judge. The angel of ruin says it is mine. The angel of grace says no he has done great. Angels that have various viewpoints do not disrespect each various other, do not bully each various other. There is no arrogance. Finally sent out Another angel in human form. He or she is measured from the place of separation better to the town of shalihin or bad guy? When measured better to the town of shalihin an inch. He passed away close to the town of shalihin, "said Habib Jindan.

Subhanallah, Prophet Musa 'alaihissalam when he was picked up by fatality said to bring me better to the Divine Land (BaitulMaqdis). Finally he passed away outside the Divine Land still a stone's discard.

Rasulullah SAW repented greater than 70 times a day, it's also said to repent 100 times a day. It's easier to repent to Allah. If we make sins with people, it can be complicated, it does not finish, we maintain bringing it up. In the hadith of the Prophet, Allah the Exalted is more delighted with the repentance of a sinner. Allah Ta'ala extends out His hand to those that repent.

"If you repent, do not wait on tomorrow, hurry and repent. It is simply that there is absolutely nothing incorrect with repentance. Do not resemble Pharaoh that will pass away and simply said repentance. As lengthy as the sunlight has not increased from the west, it will be approved. The sunlight before the Day of Judgment will rise from the west. Get up. it was still dark until individuals collected on the roads waiting on the sunlight. I have no idea when the sunlight increased from the west. During that time repentance was no much longer approved," said Habib Jindan, that is also a trainee of the great Yemeni cleric, Al-Habib Umar container Hafiz.

I hope this tale works. Wallohual'lam

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