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Points to Pay Focus on Ill Individuals

Points to Pay Focus on Ill Individuals

Muslimcreed.com - All of us believers certainly truly hope that his life finishes with husnulkhatimah. AllamahSayyid Abdullah container Alawi Al-Haddad in his book gives advice to the ill about important points that he must take note of as the following quote:

وينبغي للمريض أن يحترز من النجاسات أن تصيبه في بدنه أو في ثيابه، فتمنعه من الصلاة ، وليحذر كل الحذر من ترك الصلاة، وليصلي على حَسَب حاله، قاعدا او مضطجعا، أو كيف أمكنه، ولا يختم عمله بالإضاعة لعماد الدين الذي هو الصلاة.

It means, "The ill individual should beware of the uncleanness that befalls him, whether on his body or his clothes, which can impede the credibility of his petition. He should also beware not to leave the petition. He should proceed to hope inning accordance with his problem either by resting, supine, or as long as he can. Do not let his life finish by overlooking the pillar of religious beliefs, specifically petition."  [Dar Al-Hawi, 1998], cet. II, p. 54).

From the quote over, it can be explained as complies with:

First, also Muslims that are ill must beware of dirty points that jump on their bodies or clothes. This is because najis can impede the credibility of petition. Ill individuals are typically not free to move so when defecating, for instance, sometimes must be performed in bed. In this problem, it's feasible that najis touches or sticks to the clothes or body (participants).

Therefore, it's important that there are other individuals to assist offer the various needs of the ill. Needs, of course, don't just involve consuming and drinking, but also anything that cannot be left, such as defecation, tidiness and petition. These 3 points belong and have an effect. That's, when istinjak isn't performed inning accordance with the rules of fiqh, it affects the sanctity of the body and clothes which in completion also affects the credibility of petition.

Someone that supervises of going along with or waiting on the ill, should understand the problems over so that he is also required to beware. If he knows there's najis that jumps on or sticks to the body or clothes of the ill individual he is going along with, after that it's his responsibility to use for a change of clothes with clean clothes or clean inning accordance with fiqh.

Second, ill individuals should beware not to overlook to hope. Also if he is existing down and weak in bed, the ill individual must take note of the petition times. When the moment for petition has arrived, he should instantly perform it.

If the place of the ill individual is shut to a mosque or petition room, of course the ill individual can listen to the call to petition every time it's echoed from your home of worship. But if you're much from these places so you can't listen to the call to petition at the correct time, you can use a petition time alarm system application through a contact us to petition that can be installed on Android phones, such as the Electronic Falak application or Muslim Professional. Or simply schedule petition times inning accordance with their geographical place as can be seen on the front web page of the NU Online website.

3rd, he should proceed to hope inning accordance with his problem either by resting, supine, or as long as he can. Petition is the pillar of Islam, so Muslims are obliged to hope under any circumstances. But Islam doesn't concern its individuals past its capacity. If a ill individual can just hope by resting on his side, that too is permissible. The essential point is to do it to the best of your ability. However, this responsibility doesn't put on the ill individual that is subconscious. He isn't obliged to hope and doesn't have to earn up the prayers he left when he restored awareness.

4th, do not let his life finish by overlooking petition. Fatality husnulkhatimah is the highest ideal for each Muslim. Therefore, it's extremely important for ill Muslims to proceed to take note of their petition responsibilities so that their goals to get to husnulkhatimah are not hindered by their overlooked petition responsibilities at completion of life.

In this regard, the family or any party that is waiting on the ill individual should help the ill individual by constantly advising him of the responsibility to hope and facilitating it properly until the ill individual actually prays inning accordance with his problem until completion of his life or recuperates totally.


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