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The definition and types of infaq that we should know


The definition and types of infaq that we should know

Muslimcreed.com - There are various practices in Islam that are closely related to the giving of money or other property. One of them is infaq. Then what is meant by infaq. Islam has the concept that the universe and everything in it belongs to Allah SWT, including those that belong to humans. That is, in every property owned by someone, there are other people's rights in it as well.

Understanding Infaq

Infaq is actually taken from the word anfaqa-yunfiqu which means to finance or spend. Meanwhile, according to the KBBI or the Big Indonesian Dictionary, infaq is an effort to issue assets which include non-zakat and zakat.

In contrast to sharia terminology, infaq is removing part of the property, income or income that is owned for an interest which is then ordered in an Islamic teaching.

So, infaq can also be defined as an effort to carry out Allah's commands by spending wealth with the aim of being in the way of goodness. Thus, infaq is actually different from alms.

This is because infaq does not recognize the nisab and the amount of property that is determined by law. The gift of this property also does not have to be given to certain mustahik, but can also be given to anyone who is known or unknown.

For example, infaq can be given to parents, poor people, relatives, orphans, or also to those who are on a trip. So, giving property is an activity that is carried out voluntarily.

Types of Infaq and Examples

Mandatory Infaq

Becoming one of the types of infaq in Islam, namely mandatory infaq as infaq that must be issued by someone. If this infaq is then not issued by someone, then he will then get a sin. Therefore, if you have an obligation to donate, then do it.

Because, as Muslims who are still given the opportunity to breathe fresh air every day, you should do what you should, below are some examples of obligatory infaq.

- Paying the dowry

One example of an obligatory infaq is paying a dowry. Dowry is a property that must be handed over by a husband to his wife for the marriage contract. However, it must be understood that there is no provision regarding the minimum dowry.

Dowry is actually not the main purpose of a marriage and the nominal standardization must also be in accordance with the conditions of each party. For information, there is a sunnah dowry that is not less than 10 dirhams and not more than 500 dirhams. One dirham alone is equivalent to 2,975 grams of silver.

- Kafarat

Kafarat is a fine that must be paid by someone for violating the law or provisions of Allah SWT. The amount of this kafarat itself depends on what kind of mistake a person has made.

Then, the recipient of this infaq can also mean anyone. It may even be from the family or other relatives who are in need. It is highly recommended to have an obligation like this, so you should immediately pay it.

- Providing for the Family

Another example of the type of obligatory infaq is providing a living for the family. For example, a husband who is obliged to provide a living for his wife and family. This is the obligation of the husband to his wife. Later there will also be a greater reward for him.

Infaq Sunnah

In addition to obligatory infaq, in Islam there is also sunnah infaq. This infaq itself is an infaq that is done with the aim of giving alms in the way of Allah SWT. Therefore, alms in the form of wealth can then be said to be infaq sunnah.

Anyone who has enough wealth can then do infaq sunnah. So, it can be said that there are actually so many practices that can be done to be able to reap as much reward as possible. Infaq Sunnah itself consists of two kinds, namely:

- Infaq Jihad

Infaq jihad as an infaq given to a person or group of people who want to fight in the way of Allah SWT. For example, when giving some of their property to those who are fighting for Palestine.

This infaq will certainly provide many benefits. Not only from the side of the recipient, but also from the side of the donor. Besides that, it can also lighten the burden of the recipient, this infaq can also give a great reward to the giver of infaq.

- Infaq to Help Others

Infaq will help others, of course, aims to lighten the burden of others. Similar to infaq jihad, this infaq can then be given to anyone in need.

Not only covering the needs of jihad, the giver of infaq can also give his wealth to the people around him. Make sure all these things are done because and for Allah SWT. Do not let the feeling of wanting to be admired by many people when you donate.

Infaq Mubah

The next type of infaq is permissible infaq. This type of infaq is an infaq that is free to do but by doing it will not make a person get a reward. Then, those who do not do it will also not reap sin. So, this infaq is actually done for things that have permissible law.

For example, when someone gives his wealth for farming, trading or farming. Of course, this is not something that must be done. Nevertheless, it was perfectly legal for someone to do so. There is no prohibition for those who want to do infaq mubah.

Apart from not getting a reward for those who do it also will not get a sin for those who do not do it. Everything is done with the intention of Allah SWT. Because, if it were not for Allah SWT, of course, this infaq law would later change to infaq haram. Indeed, this is a type of infaq that should be avoided.

Infaq Haram

Infaq haram are types of infaq which are strictly prohibited by Islamic teachings. Therefore, do not do this infaq. Infaq haram is infaq in the form of property to others who are not sincere or not done because of Allah SWT.

Anyone who then donates with the intention of only wanting to be praised or to get a reply from others, then the law is haram. Don't do something like this. The act of infaq haram will also reflect the behavior of riya for those who do it.

This behavior is actually cursed by Allah SWT and is also categorized as a hypocrite. There is even a reward that is given in the hereafter later it is very painful. The reward that should be reaped for infaq will be abolished because of this riya behavior.

Indeed, those who do infaq haram will be very losers not only in the hereafter but also in this world. May all Muslims then be able to avoid things like this properly. The type of infaq itself has various kinds, ranging from obligatory infaq, sunnah, permissible infaq, and haram.

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