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The Tale of Caliph Abdul Aziz's Mustajab Petition: Dirham Items Dropping from the Skies

The Tale of Caliph Abdul Aziz's Mustajab Petition: Dirham Items Dropping from the Skies

Muslimcreed.com Caliph Abdul Aziz and Dahtsam the worship experts prayed for each various other. Their prayers were efficacious so that all of a sudden dirhams dropped from the skies.

The Tale of Caliph Abdul Aziz's Mustajab Petition: Dirham Items Dropping from the Skies

Muhammad container Abdil Aziz container Salman al-Abid once outlined an efficacious petition. This tale is included in the guide 'Uyun al-Hikayat minutes Qashash ash-Salihin was Nawadiraz-Zahidin by Ibn al-Jauzi, that he listened to Dahtsam, among the worship experts, say, "I didn't come to see Caliph Abdul Aziz at the moment of customarily, because my problem was challenging, so I came late."

"What made you late, and just come currently?" Abdul Aziz asked Dahtsam.

"There isn't anything," Dahtsam responded curtly, but he appeared to be harboring something.

Listening to this brief answer, Abdul Aziz again asked, "Is it real that there's absolutely nothing, and everything is fine?"

When he was asked again, Dahtsam the worship expert replied, "I am busy with family issues. Previously, I was busy looking for something to fulfill their everyday needs."

Listening to Dahtsam's answer, Abdul Aziz again said, "So have you obtained it?" Dahtsam was quiet.

Abdul Aziz appeared to understand that the worshiper remained in difficulty. Both of them took transforms hoping for each various other. Abdul Aziz said a petition and Dahtsam concurred. After that, it was Dahtsam's reliance on hope and Abdul Aziz concurred. In completion, they both prayed and assured each various others.

A minute after hoping for each various other, they both obtained up to stand. All of a sudden, dinars and dirhams from no place dropped from the skies, dropping on both of their laps. Their prayers were both efficacious and responded to immediately.

Seeing this event Abdul Aziz said, "Take it, O Dahtsam." And after saying that, Abdul Aziz left without looking at Dahstam at all.

Dahtsam also picked up the items of money. When all of them were gathered, the quantity transformed bent on be a great deal, up to a hundred dirhams.

After the event, Dahtsam consulted with Muhammad container Abdil Aziz and he was asked, "So what did you do with the cash?"

"I use the cash to satisfy my family's food needs for one week, so that I am not busy considering globe problems from worshiping, being thankful, and offering Allah SWT. After that, I invest the cash in the way of Allah." Dahtham replied.

Listening to Dahtsam's answer, Muhammad container Abdul Aziz said, "By Allah, it's certainly proper if such individuals are provided nourishment without checking, from unexpected ways."

Essentially, the job of a slave is to simply hope for his Lord. When it comes to if the petition has not been granted by Allah SWT, it's feasible that Allah will change the request with another form that we want currently, and it will be granted someday if the moment is right.

As words of the Carrier of Allah told by Imam Tirmidhi in his book SunanTirmidhiKitab ad-Da'awat, Bab fi Intidzar al-Faraj;

مَا عَلَى وَجْهِ اْلأَرْضِ مُسْلِمٌ يَدْعُو اللهَ بِدَعْوَةٍ، إِلاَّ آتَاهُ اللهُ إِيَّاهَا، أَوْ صَرَفَ عَنْهُ مِنَ السُّوْءِ مِثْلَهَا، مَا لَمْ يَدْعُ بِإِثْمٍ أَوْ قَطِيْعَةِ رَحِمٍ. فَقَالَ رَجُلٌ مِنَ الْقَوْمِ: إِذًا نُكْثِرُ؟ قَالَ: اللهُ أَكْثَرُ

There's not a Muslim on this planet that prays to Allah with a petition but Allah will certainly grant his request, or He eliminates evil from him (in trade) for as long as his request (in regards to quality and quantity), as long as he doesn't wish a wicked act or discontinuation. friendship'. After that, a guy from individuals said, 'Then we'll increase (prayer)'. The Prophet replied, 'Allah (has the bounty) is more (compared to your request).

Therefore, remember to constantly hope to Allah SWT both in challenging and happy times. And if our prayers have not been efficacious, of course, Allah will change them with another thing that we need at the correct time. Because the presence of Allah SWT is greater than what we want.

Therefore, it appertains for individuals that have more nourishment from Allah, takes benefit of this nourishment to earn their lifestyle change right. An instance is to constantly give charity and leave the nourishment to be invested in the way of Allah SWT and help others.


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