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The tale of Nasr bin Hajjaj forced to remain in the mosque because he was being chased by ladies

The tale of Nasr bin Hajjaj forced to remain in the mosque because he was being chased by ladies

Muslimcreed.com Nasr bin Hajjaj has a lovely face until he is chased by many ladies. This problem made Umar bin Khattab remove him.

Nasr bin Hajjaj is a good-looking guy that is suched as by many ladies. He resided in Medina throughout the regime of Umar bin Khattab. As told in guide HilyatulAuliya' was Tabaqat al-Asfiya' by Abu Nu'aim al-Asfahani, once Umar bin Khattab was circumnavigating Medina and he passed a house, from inside your home a lady listened to verse about Nasr bin Khattab. Hajjaj.

Listening to this, Umar after said, "By Allah, as lengthy as I am to live that should not occur." Finally, in the early morning, Umar sent out individuals to satisfy an individual called Nasr bin Hajjaj.

After Umar's agent consulted with Nasr, Nasr was brought to consult with Umar bin Khattab. Umar, that met him for the very first time, looked at him and it held that Nasr was an incredible boy. His handsomeness is charming and his hair is beautiful such as the poem that was talked about by a lady that evening.

Umar finally ordered to cut Nasr, but after being shaved Nasr was much more good-looking. Until finally Nasr was asked to leave Medina. Because many ladies were insane about Nasr, Nasr bin Hajjaj was finally informed to visit Basra and deal with Mishja 'bin Mas'ud.

Misyja' herself has a beautiful young spouse. Until someday Mishja took a seat, and beside him was Nasr bin Hajjaj. All of a sudden Nasr bin Hajjaj composed something on the ground, "By Allah, I love you." After that, the lady that was Mishja's spouse said from the corner of your home, "By Allah, me too."

Mishja' after that asked his spouse, "What did Nasr inform you?" he replied, "How clean your seed is." Misyja' again asked, "How clean are your seeds? I don't understand."

Misyja' again said, "I ask you seriously, inform me." After that, the spouse said, "If you truly wish to know, this guy said, "how beautiful your furnishings is."

Misyja' again said, "Is your furnishings great? By Allah, I don't understand." After that Misyja 'then looked down and found an inscription. Since Mishja' could not read, he after said, "Call the librarian." When individuals from the collection came, Mishja' after said, "Read this writing."

Individuals from the collection after that read it, and said, "By Allah, I love you too." Misyja' after that said, "By Allah, currently I understand." After that, he said to his spouse, "Currently observe the iddah!" He also said to Nasr, "Wed her if you wish, O child of my sibling."

After that, Mishja was most likely to Abu Musa and informed him about the event. Abu Musa al-Ash'ari also said, "I promise by Allah, Amir al-mu'minin will not inform you (Nasr) to leave something great. Currently, leave here."

Finally, feeling ashamed, Nasr decided to leave the family home. He lives alone in a small and remote hut. But his love for Misyja's spouse could not be removed. He too experiences because of it, life languishes because of love. Love for someone that cannot be owned because the lady currently has a companion.

Nasr finally returned to Persia, which was after that led by Uthman bin Abu Ash-Tsaqafi. While in Persia he met a noblewoman, and she suched as him and sent out messengers to satisfy him.

When the information reached Uthman bin Ash, Uthman also sent out a carrier to satisfy Nasr and said, "Amir al-mu'minin and Abu Musa didn't inform you to leave by leaving benefits. Currently, leave here." It ended up that in Persia, Nasr was still loved by many ladies.

Nasr also said, "By Allah, if you do this. I will sign up with the polytheists." Uthman after that composed a letter to Abu Musa, after that Abu Musa composed a letter to Umar, and Umar composed a response to the letter which said, "Try his hair, make his clothes tattered and force him to remain in the mosque."

Until finally Nasr remained in the mosque, not enabled to head out anywhere because it could make many ladies insane. Also, ladies that are so insane about him that they can't rest, will not consume to the point of threatening themselves. Nasr wound up remaining in the mosque until he passed away.

The tale of Nasr bin Hajjaj over shows that guys can be the reason for appeal. And if love expands in the incorrect area, it will certainly bring to life an experience.

For love between a guy and a lady, will just find its stamina in a conference. The more often the physical touch, the more powerful the spirit, and both likes are connected. When physical touch becomes difficult, love has the potential to become an illness. That's why the best love between a guy and a lady is to unify the heart and body in a marital relationship.


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