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5 Functions of the Father in the Family According to Islam, Important and Irreplaceable!


5 Functions of the Father in the Family According to Islam, Important and Irreplaceable!

Muslimcreed - The role of the dad in the family is extremely important. Dad is an important number in the family.

Aside from being a leader, dads are also often used as idols and good example for their children. When bring out his responsibilities properly, dad becomes a good example that is accountable for protecting his family.

The role of the dad in the family will also have an impact in the development of a family.

Although dads and moms have their particular functions and functions both in regards to child treatment and home, the role of dads has a greater worth as a leader.

Shaykh Dr. Shalih container FauzanHafizhohullah discussed that dads have an obligation to take a role in informing their families and children to follow Allah.

Because, amongst the prayers sung by the prophets, is an unique petition for the great of the children and their descendants.

The role of dads in the family must be really felt also from birth, reported by Building Fatherhood. In your home, the role of the dad resembles the primary and the mom is the instructor.

Dad acts as a drafter that designs the curriculum and mom as an implementing instructor so that great alumni are birthed and are loved by God.

The Role of the Dad in the Family Inning accordance with Islam

Here are some of the functions of dads in the family inning accordance with Islam that can be used in daily life:

1. Be a Leader in the Family

The role of the dad in the first family is to be the leader of the family.

Every human is a leader for himself, and Allah produced people to be Khalifas or leaders on this planet. This is according to words of Allah SWT:

"And it's He That has made you rulers over the planet and has increased some of you over some (others) by levels, to test you about what He has provided you. Verily, your Lord is quick in torment and verily He is Flexible, Most Merciful" (Surah Al-An'am: 165).

People are provided by God the position to regulate, lead and have power in the world. However, being a leader is certainly difficult.Because every leader will be held responsible.

Rasulullah SAW said: "You know, each of you is a leader, and each of you'll be held responsible for those that are led, the leader that leads individuals he will be held responsible for those he leads, everygoingof the family is the leader of his relative and he will be held responsible for those he leads. And the spouse of a leader over his family, his husband's house, and his children, and he will be held responsible for them, and the slave of an individual is also a leader over his master's property and will be held responsible for him, know that each of you is accountable for those he leads."

Both declarations highlight the importance of a dad number as a family leader.The responsibilities and obligations are so great, because they are not just relates to life in this globe but also in the hereafter.

2. Family income producer

The role of the dad in the next family is to be the income producer of the family. This role aside from being a leader is as a income producer for his family.

As Allah says: "Guys are the leaders of ladies, because Allah has made some of them (guys) above others (women), and because they (guys) have invested component of their riches.

Therefore, a pious lady is one that obeys Allah and looks after herself when her hubby isn't about, because Allah has looked after (them). The ladies for which you're stressed over their nusyuz, after that recommend them and separate them in their beds, and beat them. After that if they follow you, after that don't appearance for ways to difficulty them. Verily, Allah is Most High, Most Great" (Surah An-Nisa: 34).

3. Be a great hubby and dad

Additionally, the role of the dad in the family inning accordance with Islam is to be a great hubby and dad number.For instance, hubbies and dads that have plenty of love and love, act relatively in the family, and are accountable to their families.

The regulate to be a simply hubby is included in the verse of the Qur'an Surah An-Nisa verse 129, Allah SWT says:

"And you'll never ever have the ability to do justice in between (your) spouses, although you truly want to do so, so do not be so likely (to the one you love), so that you leave the others dangling. And if you make adjustments and protect yourselves (from cheating), after that certainly Allah is Flexible, Most Merciful."

When there's a family dispute, a dad should consider a choice that's reasonable to all relative.because the spouse and children have their rights, the dad must fulfill these rights relatively.

For instance, although he is busy earning a living, dads should also provide spare time to enjoy with their families so that they remain unified and unified.

On the other hand, hubbies are accountable for satisfying their responsibilities to the family. Along with making a living, meeting the needs externally, the dad is also in charge of satisfying the internal needs.

The internal need for the spouse is through conjugal connections.While the internal needs of children are through providing Islamic spiritual education and learning with worthy personality.One instance of Islamic education and learning that should be taught to children is presenting Allah SWT by developing prayers.

4. Finding a Great Buddy for His Child

The role of the dad in the next family is to find a great buddy for his child. The events of this buddy or companion have certainly been arranged by Allah SWT.However, if a dad has a child that has the ability to wed, the dad can find a buddy for his child.

The Carrier of Allah said: "Whoever increases 3 children, after that he informs and weds them, and does great to them, after that he will obtain heaven."

Along with imagining paradise, finding a great buddy for his child is a father's role in the family that's revealed so that his children have a better family compared to himself.Of course, every moms and dad wishes that their children have a better life in every way.

5. Father's Role as Teacher

Another role of the dad in the family is to be a family teacher.In the letter Luqman verses 13-19, it suggests that a dad has a role as a leader as well as an teacher for his child.She cannot leave her children's education and learning problems just to her mom and institution. Children need dads in their development, that cannot be changed.

Prophet Muhammad SAW: "Educate your children with 3 points: love your Prophet; love his ahlul bait; and reading the Qur'an, because those that maintain the Qur'an will remain in the circle of Allah's throne on the day when there's no protection various other compared to His protection; they are with His Prophets and divine individuals," (At Tabrani).

Bring out his functions and obligations as teachers or teachers in the family, dads are instructors for their children, both inside and outside the home.

The range of education and learning that can be offered to their children is so wide. Not just scholastic teachers, but also social and spiritual worths.Rasulullah has made a clear technique in preventing mistakes in children and straightening the inequality of habits.

Moms and dads that serve as teachers should take the technique provided by the Prophet and choose one of the most appropriate technique to be used in informing and increasing children.

Thus, moms and dads reach what they desire, which is to have children that are disciplined, faithful and pious.Amongst the techniques of the Prophet in preventing or conquering mistakes is direct instructions. Imam Bukhari and Muslim told a hadith from Abu Salamah, he said, "I was under the treatment of the Apostle, and during that time my hands were thrashing occasionally in a large container, the Apostle said to me, "O my child, read Bismillah after that consume with your hands. your right-hand man, and consume what is close to you."


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