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7 rules for showering this corpse

7 rules for showering this corpse

Muslimcreed.com - Among the responsibilities of Muslims to their departed family members is to look after the corpse. This consists of showering, shrouding, hoping, and burying. From these actions, the task of showering the corpse becomes the initial stage while looking after the corpse. 

The body must be bathed or cleansed as a type of respect for him. When doing that, there are rules for showering the corpse that we must take note of, consisting of:

The rules of showering the corpse

1. Showering the corpse in a place that no one else can see

The adab of showering the corpse inning accordance with Islamic legislation, the first is to bathe it in a place that's protected from the views of others. The objective is to maintain the aurat of the corpse from being seen by individuals that are not the mahram. Aurat can just be seen by partners and individuals that are mahram.

The Carrier of Allah was once asked by someone, "O Carrier of Allah, regarding our nakedness, to which can we show it and to which we cannot show it?". After that, he replied: "Cover your nakedness other than for your spouse or your slave woman" (HR. Tirmidhi).

2. Take note of the requirements of the individual that bathes the body

Umroh.com sums up, that not everybody can bathe the corpse. The individual that washes the corpse must be someone that understands the treatment for cleaning the corpse inning accordance with Islamic legislation. More fully, the problems for individuals that are enabled to bathe the corpse are Muslim, sensible, pious, credible, know adab and treatments for showering the corpse.

The Carrier of Allah said, "Let your bodies be cleaned by someone that can be relied on" (HR. Ibn Majah).

Additionally, take note of the purchase of that can bathe. The initial legislation was that a man's body needed to be cleaned by a guy, and a woman's body needed to be cleaned by a lady. Focus on individuals that have family members, such as focusing on dad or mom, grandfather or grandma, child or child, sibling, nephew, uncle, relative, hubby or spouse, and so forth that still have a mahram connection and are of the same sex.

If an individual of the same sex isn't found to wash the corpse, besides those that are not mahrams, after that showering the corpse becomes void. The body is simply cleansed by tayammum rather than showering. For instance, no one washes the bodies of guys various other compared to ladies that are not mahrams, or the other way around.

On the other hand, for children under the age of 7 years, or that cannot have a desire for him, after the corpse may be bathed by anybody. Additionally, the guardian of the corpse may take part while showering the corpse also if he doesn't take part in the showering. The objective is to motivate in the benefit.

3. Shutting the Aurat of the Body

When being bathed, we should cover the aurat of the corpse. Therefore, among the equipment for showering the corpse that we must prepare is an item of cloth. Its function is to cover the body's genitals when bathed.

4. Treat the corpse carefully

When showering the corpse, we are encouraged to treat it carefully, although he has passed away. The Carrier of Allah said, "Breaking the bones of an individual that has passed away resembles breaking them to life" (Told by Abu Dawud).

If it's challenging to bathe the corpse because his body starts to stiffen, Sheikh Abdullah container Jibrin instructs that it's permissible for us to unwind the joints. However, it's still important to carefully unwind. The trick is to flex the joints in the shoulders, hands, and feet carefully 2 or 3 times.

5. Clean the Pollutants and Dust from the Body

The rules of showering the corpse inning accordance with Islamic legislation is to clean the najis and dust on the body. You do this by resting the corpse, and after that pushing the stomach carefully while operating the sprinkle. After that, do istinja on the corpse.

The mouth, teeth, and nose should also be cleaned. The trick is to use a tidy, damp cloth that is dampened, and there's no need to include a sprinkle. His hair and beard were also cleaned using the venom of the bidara fallen leave. After that, the body is also cleaned.

6. Tidy up the body

Before being shrouded, the body should also be tidied up. The hair is brushed, and for ladies, the hair is intertwined in 3 and put at the back. If the nails show up lengthy, after that it's permissible to cut the nails.

7. Covering the Disgrace of the Body

The individual that washes the corpse should hold the required, and cover the disgrace of the body being bathed. He should just show great points, as the rules of showering the corpse inning accordance with Islamic legislation. However, if the individual that passes away is a sinner, after that it's permissible to open up the disgrace to be a lesson for those that are still to life.


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