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Asmaul Husna Ar Rauf means the Most Merciful, see how to practice it

Asmaul Husna Ar Rauf means the Most Merciful, see how to practice it

Muslim Creed - Allah has 99 other names called Asmaul Husna. These names are related to the attributes of Allah. The 99 names are usually pronounced in certain ways so that they are easy to memorize.

For example by making it as a song. Asmaul Husna has many features, one of which is prayer. This is mentioned in Surah Al A'raf verse 180.

The practice of Asmaul Husna itself can be done with various forms of activities. For example with behavior, nature, or as a wirid. This is because, AsmaulKhusna has many privileges and provides many benefits to every reader.

The ninety-nine names will be discussed in general in this paper. However, the explanation will be deeper on one of the characteristics, namely Ar Rauf.

Ar Rauf means the Most Merciful

Ar Rauf means in Asmaul Husna which means the Most Merciful. Whereas in Classical Arabic it means being kind, patient, compassionate, gentle, and compassionate to show gentleness.

In simple terms, Ar Rauf means that Allah is very merciful to all His servants. This can be seen from the burden of life received by each servant. Allah will not burden His servants beyond the limits of their ability.

Allah also gives grace to the servants He wills. He gives mercy to all creatures on earth, especially to those who do righteous deeds and are pious.

How to Practice ArRa'uf in Daily Life

How to imitate Ar Rauf means that in everyday life it can be done in various ways. Here are some ways that can be done as an interpretation of ArRa'uf.

1. Cultivate Strong Faith in Allah's Attributes

Imitating and practicing the meaning of the content of God's attributes is one part of faith in God. A Muslim is obliged to believe in the 99 attributes of Allah. The trick is to believe in his heart that these ninety-nine attributes are true.

2. Establish a Relationship

ArRa'uf recommends being kind to others. One of them is by establishing a relationship with every colleague, family, friend, relative, and people we know. The goal is to maintain a close relationship.

When the relationship is maintained then to give love will be easy and can continue to happen. The Prophet described one Muslim to another as one body.

3. Give charity

Giving charity is a form of compassion for fellow creatures created by God. Giving charity will not make you poor. Instead, it will increase wealth and inner peace.

Charity does not have to be in the form of money. Energy and attention also includes charity. When someone needs help and we are willing to put in the time and energy to help. So, it is considered as charity.

4. Spreading Love to Fellow Living Creatures

Every living being has the right to love. Every living being must give love to each other. Giving love to others is included in the practice of ArRa'uf.

Love is not only limited to fellow human beings. But, also to every creature of God's creation. To animals by not hunting or killing them recklessly for personal gain. To the environment by taking care of it, not clearing the forest or damaging the ecosystem.

How to Practice Asmaul Husna

A Muslim should always practice Asmaul Husna in his daily life. Here are some ways that can be done as the implementation of Asmaul Husna in the life of every Muslim.

1. Mention Asmaul Husna in Prayer

When praying should mention one or two names of Allah. The selection of the names of Allah is adjusted to the prayers we pray.

For example, when asking to be given strength to face one or several things, one should mention Al Qawiyyu (The Most Strong).

2. Wirid practice

Wirid or routine practice can be one way to practice Asmaul Husna. When practicing Asmaul Husna will make life happier physically and mentally.

One of the ways wiridAsmaul Husna is done after every Maghrib prayer. Previously, you could read Surah Yasin. Then read Asmaul Husna and close it with the Asmaul Husna prayer and ask forgiveness from Allah.

3. Special Practices

Some Asmaul Husna that can be practiced with a special amount will give special fadhilah or virtue for the reader. Here are some special practices that a Muslim can do.

Reading Ar Rahman (the Most Gracious) 500 times every fardhu prayer will get peace of mind and prevent nervousness and forgetfulness.

Ar Rahim (The Most Merciful) is read 100 times a day so people will look at us with compassion by Allah's permission.

As Salam (The One Who Gives Salvation) is read 136 times to ask Allah for healing.

Reading Al Latifu (The Most Forgiving) 129 times during the day or night will be given smooth sustenance and taufik by Allah.

Reading Al Fattahu (the Opener of the Door of Grace) 71 times with the position of both palms on the chest after every Fajr prayer will cleanse and purify the heart so that it is bright and easy to deal with all affairs.

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