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Don't be reproached, there are no good people who don't have a past


MUSLIMCREED.COM  There are no good people without a past, and no bad people without a future. Everyone has the same opportunity to change for the better. No matter how dark his past was, how dark his environment was, and how bad his temper was in the past.

Give someone a chance to change because someone who almost killed Rasulullah is now lying next to his grave, namely Umar bin Khattab RA. Don't look at someone from his past. A person who once fought against Allah's Religion eventually became Allah's sword. Namely Khalid bin Walid RA.

Don't judge people by their status and wealth. Because Pharaoh's golden shoes are in hell while Bilal bin Rabbah's flip-flops are heard in heaven. The point is, don't look down on someone because of their past and environment. Because the lotus flower still blooms beautifully even though it lives in dirty water. So to be great what is needed is strong determination.

No need to dwell on the past, No need to be ashamed of where you live, if we want, we can be like a lotus flower that lives in dirty water but still blooms and magnifies. Changing and rising is much more beautiful than standing still and just dreaming without taking any action.

Great people are not created through ease, pleasure, and comfort they are formed through hardships, mujahadah challenges and even tears.

The world is only temporary, we are just waiting for our turn for guidance, it is not in your hands, but in the hands of ALLAH and by the will of ALLAH.

Hijrah, linguistically means to leave, either to leave a place or to leave something that is not good. Recently, the word Hijrah has become a phenomenon for young people, but many do not understand the nature of hijrah.

10 Causes of Unfinished Hijrah:

1. The intention to study religion has not been sincere.

For example, there was an artist during the Jahiliyah era, his language used to often appear in front of the camera, so Hijrah still appeared in front of the camera. This means that our learning intentions are not sincere.

2. Studying Religion Not with Teachers.

Many people have migrated unfinished because there is no teacher. Sangkin busy has not finished studying has been left behind. There are those who study tajwid for a month, they have not finished reading the Koran anymore.

Without teachers, we can do nothing. The Koran used to have no point. We know where did you read Alif Laam Miim? From our Master. Taking religious knowledge must be from the right teacher. Each has expertise, so it is obligatory for a Muslim to learn from the right teacher who has knowledge.

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3. Not Exploring Aqeedah First.

The cause of a person's migration is not complete because they do not start learning aqidah. Don't understand aqidah, have studied fiqh. Should learn light aqidah like Aqidatul Awwam. At least we have the key to knowledge so we can discuss other books.

4. Just Know Seek Knowledge, But Don't Practice It.

Claimed to learn from Ustaz Fulan, Sheikh Fulan, Habib Fulan, but not put it into practice.

5. Hanging out with the Wrong Friends. One should study with a pious friend.

6. Lack of learning etiquette.

Imam Malik as a child was used as Imamah by his mother. Those who participated in the Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal Assembly were 5,000 people, which recorded about 2,500 or 1,000 people, who studied his adab 3,000 people. So adab before knowledge. Allah Ta'ala praised the Prophet Muhammad for his adab.

7. Lack of Prayer to God. One of the causes of not completing a person's hijrah is because of a lack of prayer.

8. Feels Himself Most Right.

Some of the young people who migrated felt that they were the most righteous. If he sees immorality he feels the most right. So don't ever reproach someone who is an expert in immorality because he can turn into an obedient expert. If you want to criticize, blame his actions. If you see someone immoral, then advise him. If you see someone who is not wearing a hijab, don't blame them, but give them advice. The devil always feels better, so if we feel better than people, then the devil's nature is in us. If you see past friends, don't keep your distance, but be embraced.

9. Likes to belittle other people.

10. Very Pay Attention to Appearance.

Not to not pay attention to the zahir, but also to pay attention to its contents. If you pray, you must wear holy clothes. However, many people only pay attention to the outward appearance, the mind is not noticed.

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