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The adab of sneezing and yawning in Islam that we must know


The adab of sneezing and yawning in Islam that we must know

Muslimcreed - Prayer when sneezing is important to be read by Muslims. Because, prayer and etiquette of sneezing has been explained in the hadith of the Prophet Muhammad.

Then, what are the etiquette of sneezing in Islam that you should teach and apply to your little one? Here's the explanation.

Sneezing etiquette in Islam

Islam is a perfect religion as it regulates human life down to small things like sneezing. Therefore, a Muslim is recommended to apply the etiquette of sneezing.

1. Shut Your Mouth and Lower Your Voice

When going to sneeze, we are encouraged to lower our heads, cover our faces, and try to do it as calmly as possible.

2. Reading Prayers When Sneezing

As for the prayer that is said when sneezing is, 'Alhamdulillah' (Praise be to Allah). This is a form of gratitude to Allah SWT for giving sneezing because sneezing is the body's response and effort to foreign objects that cause pain.

3. Answering Sneezing Prayers

When a Muslim hears his brother sneeze and says "Alhamdulillah", it is recommended for him to pray. Although the person who sneezed is not visible in front of the eye directly.

If some of them have answered the prayer of someone who sneezes in a gathering, then it is not obligatory for the others to pray. However, all who hear the sneeze should participate in answering it by reading the sneeze prayer.

Praying for people who sneeze should continue if they sneeze at least three times in a row.

If the person who sneezes increases the number of sneezes more than three times, then there is no need to answer with the word yarhamukallah.

Yawning etiquette in Islam

If a person is sleepy, he usually yawns. For some people yawning with wide open is considered a normal thing. Many people also make loud noises along with yawning. The great teachings of Islam do not consider this yawning to be trivial. Muslims should not be careless when yawning. A Muslim should pay attention to his attitude when he yawns.

Not only the case of sneezing, Islam has also set the etiquette of yawning.

- When a Muslim friend wants to yawn, it is recommended to hold it. By keeping your lips together or holding them with your hands. In this case, the recommended hand is the right hand.

However, if a Muslim friend is unable to resist sleepiness and really wants to yawn, let him close his mouth so that it doesn't open too wide.

One should not be surprised if demons can enter, because demons are creatures created from fire that can change, move, and move like air and wind. He is not in the form of a human.

- Putting hand in mouth

The purpose of putting your hand to your mouth when you yawn is to keep your mouth from opening. When the human yawns with his mouth open, he looks bad and at that moment the devil is laughing at him.

- Doesn't make n 'aah' sound

As mentioned in the first hadith, making an 'aaah' or 'waaah' sound when yawning causes the devil to laugh.

- Don't raise your voice

Raising the voice of yawning is a bad etiquette that is considered trivial by many people. In fact, this act can make other people avoid the perpetrator. Sometimes some ignorant people raise their voices when they steam with the intention of making those around them laugh. Of course the devil also laughs at him as mentioned in the first hadith.

The Islamic Shari'a which is civilized and yawning, sneezing, sleeping, and all activities of human life show how great this religion of Allah is. This universal Islam regulates the entire human condition which will never be found in other Shari'a. This is proof that Islam is a religion that is suitable for all places and times.

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