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The benefits of praying Duha are extraordinary for our lives


The benefits of praying Duha are extraordinary for our lives

Muslimcreed - Basically, the Duha prayer is a sunnah prayer that is done in the morning, precisely after the Fajr prayer time is over. This term is also known as "7 cubits after sunrise". The time is around 6 am to 7 am.

The time for the Dhuha prayer to end is a few moments before the time for the Zuhur prayer.

It is not recommended for Muslims to carry out the Duha prayer when the time has shown around 11 to half past 12, considering that the time for the call to prayer for the Zuhur prayer will soon arrive.

The Dhuha prayer itself has variations regarding the number of rak'ahs performed. However, it is recommended for Muslims and Muslim women to perform Duha Prayer in the even range of rakaat, starting from 2, 4, 6, 8, and the maximum rakaat is 12 rakaat.

Dhuha prayer is mostly done by the Islamic community because of course, apart from getting additional rewards for carrying out sunnah worship, Duha prayer also has many benefits in their spiritual and physical life. We will discuss some of the benefits of Dhuha Prayer later in the same article.

It has been mentioned earlier that the Dhuha prayer has a number of benefits for Muslims who practice it. And these benefits go beyond just getting the reward. There are also various other benefits that Muslim friends and Muslim friends can get.

At least, there will be 4 benefits that Muslim friends will learn in this article. You can feel these benefits directly from the spiritual side as well as the physical side. And of course, there will be benefits that later Muslims who are diligent in carrying out the Duha Prayer will feel when they are in the afterlife.

1. Heart Feels Peaceful and Full of Chest

There will be a kind of relief experienced by Muslims after they perform the Duha Prayer in the morning. Although the problems they experience are not necessarily over, the person can at least be calmer in carrying out their daily lives and when facing problems.

This is because they know Allah SWT will always be there to monitor them. They understood that all kinds of problems they faced at that time were a test given by Him. After going through these problems, surely they will become someone who is stronger, steadfast and calm in dealing with problems.

2. Make it easier to get sustenance

Muslim friends need to know that when someone prays Duha, someone's prayer will be more easily accepted by Allah SWT. This is one of the reasons behind many Muslim communities who want to spend their time praying Duha in the morning. If they do the Duha prayer well, surely their prayers will be answered.

Therefore, the prayer after the Duha prayer is highly recommended to be read, especially for Muslims and Muslim women who really want to ask for something from Allah SWT. The request can be in the form of being given convenience in life, given fortitude in dealing with problems, bestowing his sustenance, or other things.

Do you remember the main prayer that Muslims and Muslim women often read? Based on the interpretation and meaning of the prayer above, you can conclude that this prayer is a prayer that can help Muslims to get sustenance more easily.

Not only that, basically people who like to worship sunnah such as the Duha Prayer are indeed favored by Allah SWT. The Most Giver of course will not hesitate to bestow sustenance in any form for those who have obedience to Him.

3. Healthy Muscles and Bones

The benefits of this one can actually also be felt if someone is diligent in carrying out the obligatory prayers. Basically, prayer has a number of movements that can strengthen various muscles and bones in the body. So, indirectly, the person is also doing activities that are healthy for the body when he is praying.

This Duha prayer is quite special, because it is done in the morning, where our bodies are still quite flexible compared to when we were in the afternoon or evening. With this, the healthful effects that can be obtained from this prayer will be increasingly felt when someone prays the Duha Prayer.

4. There will be a Magnificent Palace in Heaven

Maybe there are some of the friends who know that the rewards and sins that Muslims get during their lives, will be converted in the hereafter. Those who get more sins than rewards, will be thrown into the abyss of hellfire.

However, those who get a lot of rewards, will definitely get a guarantee of going to heaven. In heaven, the rewards they get can be converted to create a magnificent palace where they live later. This will be more easily achieved by those who diligently worship, especially sunnah worship such as the Duha prayer.

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