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The benefits and virtues of reading Surah Al-Maun

MUSLIMCREED Surah Al Maun is the 107th surah in the Quran which means useful things. This letter was revealed in Mecca, so it is included in the Makkiyah letter. Surah Al Maun is a short letter, because it only consists of 7 short verses, so it is easy to memorize.

Although the letter Al Maun was revealed in the city of Mecca and is included in the Makkiyah letter, the majority of the scholars are of the opinion that the letter Al-Maun is the 17th letter that was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad SAW, thus stating that the letter Al Maun belongs to the Madaniyyah letter.

However, there are also some scholars who argue that part of Surah Al Maun came down in Mecca while the other part came down in Medina. Surah Al Maun is before the letter Al Kafirun and after the letter At Takasur. Surah Al Maun has the privilege and its contents explain the morals of those who deny religion and the hereafter. Here's the full explanation.

In the first aya there is the word ad din in the first verse which means al jazau which means recompense. The application of this word is the same as when someone does good to humans, then God will do good to him. Someone who lightens the burden of others, then Allah will lighten his burden in this world and in the hereafter.

Someone who makes other people happy, then Allah will make him happy. And among the names of the Day of Judgment is the Day of Judgment.

Surah Al Maun tells the story of a person who initially denies religion, then on the last day or in the hereafter finally this attitude causes very bad morals.

From this interpretation it is also known that faith in the hereafter is a very important matter. Whoever believes in the Day of Judgment, then he will do the best in this world. However, whoever does not believe in the day of resurrection and the day of vengeance or doubts about it, then he will dare to commit disobedience or do things that are cursed by Allah. Therefore, people whose faith is strong in the last day will show their qualities.

Benefits and Advantages

By knowing the virtues of Surah Al Maun, Muslim friends will better understand and feel sincere and diligent in practicing the values ​​and carrying out God's commands listed in Surah Al Maun, along with the explanation.

1. Don't forget to pray

In the interpretation of Surah Al Maun, it has been explained that one of the meanings of Surah Al Maun is to warn people not to forget prayer and to pray solemnly and not to be negligent. That way, a Muslim will not be classified as a hypocrite.

In Surah Al Maun, there is something that reminds Muslims to always establish prayer and not be late in carrying it out.

2. Avoiding riya

The second virtue of Surah Al Maun is to avoid the act of riya. Riya or arrogance is a behavior that must be shunned by Muslims and even this act of riya is very disliked by Allah SWT.

3. Sincere when doing good deeds

Just like the behavior of riya, a Muslim must also be sincere when doing pious deeds. Because, good deeds will be seen from how a person's heart. If someone goes through a practice, but is not sincere or with the intention of riya, then the practice will be in vain.

By reading the letter Al Maun, a Muslim will remember that humility is something that must be maintained and Allah SWT always protects His servants from all evil.

4. Feed the poor and orphans

The virtue of the next chapter of Al Maun is to invite and remind Muslims to feed the poor and orphans

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