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5 Reasons Why Islamic Loans are the Best for Students

MUSLIMCREED Over the past few years, Islamic loans have become increasingly popular with students and young professionals, especially in the Middle East, but also throughout Asia and Africa. In fact, you can apply even if you don’t follow the teachings of Islam, or follow any religion at all! Here are five of the most important reasons why Islamic loans are so useful for students around the world.

1) They offer more flexible repayment terms

When it comes to repayment, Islamic loans offer more flexible terms than conventional loans. For example, with a conventional loan you may have to pay a certain percentage of your income every month and then make up the rest of what you owe in full when your debt is paid off. With an Islamic loan, you can repay as little or as much as you want each month until your debt is cleared. You'll avoid having to pay interest on part of your balance: One problem with conventional loans is that they're often funded through high-interest credit card balances, which means that you end up paying interest on a portion of your balance rather than just the principal.

2) There is no interest charged on the loan

Islamic loans can be a great way to help students with their education. One of the benefits that these loans offer is that there is no interest charged on them. This means that students will not have to worry about paying back more than they originally borrowed, as there will not be any additional interest added onto their loan. Additionally, this type of loan does not require collateral and has an easy application process. Unlike traditional student loans, Islamic loans do not need collateral because you are simply pledging your future earnings in order to receive the loan. There is also an easy application process for this type of loan; all you need to do is fill out the form online and then send it in with some paperwork.

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3) The loan amount can be used for any purpose

There is no restriction on how you can use your loan. This means that you don't have to worry about whether you'll be able to pay back your loans. You can use it to cover any expenses and there's no need to provide proof of what the money will be used for. It doesn't require credit checks: With traditional loans, your credit score has a big effect on whether or not you qualify for a certain amount or not.

4) The repayment terms can be customized according to the borrower's needs

It's important to know that there are many different types of loans, and some of these may be better suited to your needs than others. For example, some borrowers may want to repay their loan on a monthly basis, whereas others may prefer to pay back their loan over a set period of time. Islamic loans offer an option for borrowers who want to repay their debt over a set period of time rather than on a monthly basis. In addition, they also allow you to specify when you would like your monthly repayment to start from.  which means you won't have any nasty surprises at the end as with other loans where you can face high interests rates if you don't make all the payments on time.

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5) Islamic loans provide an opportunity to build a good credit history

Islamic loans are a great option for students because they allow them to build a good credit history. This is difficult to do when you're in school, so it's best to start as early as possible. Plus, with an Islamic loan your payments are only monthly and they can be paid by automatic debit from your checking account which can help you avoid late fees. And finally, there's no interest to pay on these loans which means that instead of being stuck with expensive interest payments for years after graduation, your money will go toward more important things like starting a new business or buying your first home.

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