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A Muslim who wants to get out of usury work, but is not approved by his parents

A Muslim who wants to get out of usury work, but is not approved by his parents

Hello, everyone is back with us at Muslim creed, in this post there is a Muslim who works in a bank full of usury, then because the Muslim knows about the system that runs at the bank and it contains usury, he decided to leave the job , but the parents of the Muslim did not agree or did not allow him to leave his job at the bank, what is the question, we present it in this post


Ustadz I want to ask what is my attitude towards parents who are against getting out of a bank full of usury? Should I try to communicate and calm my parents down first or just go out and oppose them, I'm afraid of usury and I'm also afraid to offend my parents.


This question is very interesting because it is a problem that we must find a solution for, because we know that in our religious teachings, parents have such a high position.


To the extent that there is a worship that is so noble, a worship that is required by Allah Subhanahuta'ala after our obligation to unite Allah. Namely in the form of BirrulWalidain or filial piety to both parents.


This problem from one side must be respectful to parents then on the second side is the work experienced by a Muslim is when he is currently working at a financial institution that is usurious, and of course it is a big sin that we should not commit.


Then when we know the law and the sin then we want to immediately find a more lawful job that can reassure us, then when we discuss it with our parents, both parents do not agree on this matter.


A Muslim who wants to get out of usury work

The question is which one should we put forward, or what should we do, from one side we are obliged to serve our parents, on the other hand it turns out that this is contrary to the Law of Allah SubhanahuWaTa'ala.


When we encounter two problems that we both have to pay attention to, then we have to put forward here it is the right of Allah SubhanahuWaTa'ala, meaning that here we are still trying to get out of the job, but before we leave of course, we are looking for a job which we can use as a stepping stone.


Then later, we explain to both parents in a good way, yes, clearly about the law of this matter, also this young man must hope, ask Allah Subhanahuwata'ala to open the doors of the hearts of both parents, so that they will accept our reasons.


because the Prophet sallallaahuwasallam said there is no obedience to his creatures, when you have to disobey Allah SubhanahuWaTa'ala, so the solution is maybe you can find a lawful job first and then leave the job,


That was the solution that we could convey so that the young man is free from the problems he is currently facing, Muslim creed readers, it is indeed not to be blamed for us looking for a lot of money, because because of money, our lives will be prosperous, besides that money can also increase our piety to Allah SubhanahuWaTa'ala for example, because of our money we can buy food that makes our stomachs not hungry and can focus on worshiping Allah SubhanahuWaTa'ala.


but it's good when we look for money or fortune, it would be nice if the sustenance was obtained lawfully and without any element of usury,


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