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Importance of faith in Islam

Importance of faith in Islam

This simple statement of the Creed about the beliefs of all a Muslim is the starting point for all who convert to Islam. From the expression and behavior of belief in the oneness of God and his messenger Prophet Muhammad SAW stemmed all Islamic generalizations, moral values ??and guidelines for everyday life.

This first part The first part, "La ilaha illa Llah", proves that there is no god but Allah and that no one has the right to be worshiped but Allah.

Because when we assert that there is no god but God Almighty (Allah SWT), we are actually stating that there is no Creator and Sustainer of Creatures in this world and everything in it, (Humans, animals, plants, animals and others) Except Allah , there can be no other than Allah SWT.

All effects are under His absolute control. The purpose He created is mortal that is, the creatures that Allah created to acknowledge and worship Him alone, and at the same time to manage the affairs of this world.and administer it with justice and righteousness according to His wise law.

How do we know all this?

How could a mortal, a truly finite and finite being know about God—that is, about

His immortality and purpose for mankind, answers to many introductory questions covering God's attributes and attributes, mortal's relationship to Him, and why was he brought into this world?

We live in a period in which we are increasingly losing faith in the meaning and purpose of actuality. indeed, the entire complex of ultramodern civilization seems to announce

maximum meaninglessness of life.

Also how can we know? Indeed, this is the most important and introductory question for any mortal. Without satisfactory answers to them, life makes no sense. It has no purpose or meaning, and one just goes through the motions of life for no reason other than the fact that one is still given the chance to live.

Hence the important task facing every creature is to seek answers to these questions until he finds them and, when he has planted them, acknowledges the truth to live with them as faithfully as he can.

But the question remains where is the answer to them becoming the big problem? Of course, if (as many believe) religion was merely a tool constructed by humans to explain the natural world or to regulate mortal affairs, mortals would be fit for

arrive at satisfactory answers to these questions through their own logic and observations and to guide them to live by them in a suitable way. Deification of the forces of nature, spirits and demons, scepters, monuments and gods made by human hands and connected mythological figures to the human world by

their semi-human nature represents colorful sweat on their part to do so throughout the course of history.

But to arrive at objective truth. on the true knowledge of the meaning and purpose of actuality, the nature and attributes of the Creator of all effects, and mortal beings are the share and supreme auspiciousness, by mortals.

sweating unaided is a terrible impossibility as it concerns what is completely out of the realm of

mortal observations or deductible faculties. if some individuals have to by their own sweat succeed

in understanding some parts of this truth, they will have no definite or positive way to defend them.

The only possible way mortals can have access to a clear and true understanding of

The same is if the source of everything, will, action, sustaining power which we call God, Himself imparts this knowledge to us in any way He deems fit.

The second part is faith in the prophet Muhammad Rasulullah "— Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah"

Importance of faith in Islam

Islam asserts, the Creator not only instills in mortal beings concern for His actuality, ingrained knowledge that there are non-corporeal, Best Beings The best of them and the world around them, He also gives them answers to important questions that have swayed their minds for a long time.

Islam did not come as a new religion. Rather it is a genuine religion, an early belief that has its roots deep in mortal knowledge

since the first true mortal beings walked the earth because the Creator Himself planted them there, faith

revealed and preached by all prophets so that everyone submits and is responsible to God Almighty.

Islam teaches pious origins.

Islam was introduced by colorful messengers of God throughout history, but made it clear that in the course of time they

changed and a serious deformation appeared between them. Therefore, the origin of these messengers' deliveries is to believe, but cannot be avoided, their current form or content as their current state makes it difficult to determine which parts of them have been altered, either by accident or by hand.


Islam categorically rejects any suggestion of the divinity or super-human nature of God. At the same time, Prophets are people with a special level that God chose from the rest of mankind

for the task of conveying His guidance. The prophets are characterized by the total submission of the prophets to Allah and the obedience of the prophets to Allah, their pure and upright nature, the extraordinary piety of the behavior of the prophets, and the unwavering commitment of the prophets to the task entrusted to them. The guidance disclosed matches the intelligence and requirements of the particular people to whom it is addressed.

Therefore a lot the previous prophets were transferred with warnings and signs since people their age, who believed in God to be completely weak or completely non-existent, were willing to acknowledge Him only when His actuality and strength existed.

indicated by a similar attestation. Finally, when the minds of mortals have fully developed possibilities. Allah raised His last prophet, Muhammad, an Arab descendant of Abraham, with a final and complete statement of His guidance for all times to come. That's because Muslims follow the instructions.

Revealed through the Prophet Muhammad, the instructions that brought the complete and final proclamation. Allah's laws and commands for mankind, that "Muhammad rasool Allah"—Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, are so important and vital to form an alternative part of the Muslim declaration of faith.

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