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The story of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad Habib bin Zaid Al Ansari ra

The story of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad Habib bin Zaid Al Ansari ra

The story of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad Habib bin Zaid Al Ansari ra

In his house every corner spreads the scent of faith, in his family's house showing some forms of struggle and sacrifice, Bin Habib Zaid Al Ansari grew up.

His father was Zaid bin Hasyim, one of the first Yathrib residents to embrace Islam and one of the 70 people who attended Bai'at Aqabah and held the hand of Allah's messenger. He approached the messenger of Allah with his wife and two children.

His mother was Umm Umari Nasia al-Maziniyyah, the first woman to wield a weapon to defend religion and defend Allah's Apostle. His brothers were Abdullah bin Zaid, who made his body a protector of the Prophet in the fierce battle at Uhud.

The light of faith penetrated Habib bin Zaid's heart when he was young. Habib was one of the lucky ones because he was able to accompany his father, mother and brothers on a trip to Mecca with 70 other Medinans to make history of Islam. He stretched out Allah's messenger to seek the shadow of the night in Aqabah. From that night on, he loved Allah's messenger more than his father and mother, and Islam was more precious to him than his life.

Habib did not join the Battle of Badr, because he was too young. Likewise with the battle of Uhud, he was not allowed to follow it because he was not old enough to join. But after that, he joined the war with the Prophet. In every successful battle, Habib had a huge role to play, making great sacrifices.

In the ninth year of Hijri, Islam was like a strong building and its pillars were solid. Therefore, every Arab tribe sent its messenger to Medina until he met the messenger of Allah, and declared himself converted to Islam and obeyed. Among the envoys was a messenger from Hanifah Bani who came from Mount Najed.

Bani Hanifah placed their goods on the outskirts of Medina. To take care of their goods and animals, they were assigned to one of its members named Musailimah bin Habib al-Hanafi. They immediately met with the Prophet Muhammad to declare Islam, as well as his followers who also converted to Islam. Rasulullah greeted him and gave them gifts, on the way home and before arriving in the area of Najed, suddenly Musailimah bin Habib said that he had left Islam (apostasy) and announced his attitude openly. He said he was a prophet of Allah swt to Hanifah, just like Prophet Muhammad bin Abdulloh to Quraish.

Hanifah's group supported Musailimah for various reasons, but the most prominent were fanatics, so some of them said "Prophet Muhammad is right and Musailimah is a liar, but I prefer a liar from Hanifah over a truthful person from the Qura."

When his followers grew, Musailámah sent a letter to the Prophet stating that he had been appointed as a Prophet by Allah SWT

Muhammad Habib bin Zaid Al Ansari ra

Musailima's damage was getting worse, so the prophet decided to send a letter to commemorate him. In the letter, the Prophet refers to our historical actor, Habib bin Zaid, who has become a mature young man who believes in Islam. Habib bin Zaid was ordered by Raulullah without fear and hesitation, to go up the hill and down from the valley to reach the Hanifah on Mount Najeed and send a letter to Musailimah.

After reading the letter, Musimah's chest tightened because she couldn't contain her anger while her face changed and showed signs of hatred and betrayal. Musailah ordered his guards to arrest Habib bin Zaid.

The next day, Musailimah led an open meeting, she let her people watch live. Then ordered his guards to bring Habib bin Zaid before him. Habib came with heavy steps for dragging the chains that bound him. Habib was in the midst of Hanifah Bani. His head stared and his body remained upright like a straight spear thrust into the ground.

Musailamah looked at him and said, "Do you testify that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah?" Habib answered firmly, "Yes, I testify that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah." Musailah's anger overflowed to prolong his question, "Do you testify that I am also the messenger of Allah?" Habib replied in a mocking tone. "What? My ears can't hear what you're saying"

Musailimah's anger exploded and her lips trembled, she ordered the executioner to cut her body

 This situation continued until almost half of Habib's body became several pieces of land. Half of his body survived to continue answering Musailima's question. Shortly after that, Habib died saying "Muhammad is the messenger of Allah swt"

The news of Habib's death was echoed by his mother, he strengthened his heart so as not to dissolve in sadness and sincerely gave up the incident to get a good reply from Allah SWT.

During the Battle of Yamamah, Abu Bakr formed an Islamic team to attack Al-Kadzab (the big liar) and entrusted the troops to the Sword of Allah, Khalid bin Walid Ra.

In this war, Musailima was killed by a Muslim team and the mother of Habib bin Zaid was also killed. It's true, both find death, but one goes to heaven, while the other goes to a blazing hell

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