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Adab of a child to parents in Islam


Adab of a child to parents in Islam

Adab of a child to parents in Islam

In the teachings of Islam, the rules regarding the manners of a child to his parents are very emphasized. This of course means that children can respect and be devoted to their parents who have given birth and raised them.

In the Qur'an itself, it is clearly ordered by Allah SWT to children not to fight or issue very inappropriate words to their parents. As is known, parents are people who give birth and educate us to be noble. Parents are protectors and figures who should be role models for all of us.

Therefore, it is not surprising that we are always taught to respect, cherish and love our parents as long as they are still alive or when they have died. The following will review the adab of a child to parents in Islam.

How should a child behave towards both parents?

Always Listen to the Words of Parents

The first adab that a child needs to do to his parents is to always listen to the words of his parents. Every time our parents talk, then we as a child need to listen carefully, especially when parents are talking about serious matters.

For example, giving advice, orders and so on. If here the child intends to interrupt the conversation, then it is better to ask permission first. In Islam it is not recommended to cut off the conversation of parents.

Especially if we ask both parents not to continue what they are saying or stop talking just because we don't agree with their advice. So that is really hated by Allah SWT

Standing When Parents Stand

When our parents stand up, then as a child we should also stand up. This is not only a form of courtesy, but it also shows that the child is ready to provide whatever assistance is needed by parents, whether requested or not.

Likewise, when our parents sit down, we as a child should also sit down. However, if there is no longer available place or another chair for us to sit on, then we may remain standing.

Obeying All Commandments Given by Parents

The next adab of a child to his parents in Islam is that as a child he must obey all the commands requested by his parents. Whatever the order, then it is fitting for us to obey it, as long as the command given does not conflict with the command given by Allah SWT.

Or if the order does not exceed the limit of our ability to carry out. If this happens, then as a child it is necessary to try as hard as possible and try as much as possible. Even if we are forced to refuse a parent's request, give the rejection in the smoothest possible way.

Try the refusal that we give still shows that we uphold decency by apologizing or trying to provide other alternatives that are in accordance with our abilities.

Fulfilling the Call of Parents

Next is when your parents call, it is fitting for you as a child to come immediately. Fulfilling the call of parents is something that is very much required in Islam. But when we are praying, then here we cannot cancel the prayer.

Wait until the prayer is finished, then the child may face his parents. When parents ask us to go home, then we as a child must immediately seek to go home at that time. Do not delay calls from parents.

Why Should You Be Condescending To Your Parents?

Humble To Parents

As a child, we should be humble to our parents with great affection and not bother them by taking coercive actions. No matter how smart and pious we are, we must remain ta'dzim to our parents who have raised us. We must always love our parents, even though in the past they may not have fulfilled our wishes.

It is proper for a child to understand the condition of his parents, whether it concerns his physical strength, finances, health and so on. So that later we will not demand something that is beyond their capabilities. In this way, children will not make parents difficult.

Always Do Good to Parents

The adab of children to parents that must always be remembered is to do good whenever and wherever they are. We should not hesitate in carrying out all orders from parents. It is important for us to remember that both parents never knew the feeling of tiredness while nurturing and raising us.

For this reason, as a child, you must always try to make your parents happy by doing whatever they are ordered to do.

Don't Suudzon to Parents

The last adab of a child to parents in Islam is to eliminate the nature of su'udzon to both parents. Do not let our hearts always be filled with suspicion and like to disobey the orders of our parents. We as a child need to cultivate good prejudice to both parents.

If there is something you want to ask, then ask them. Make sure the sentences you use really show that you really respect them by using soft and polite language.


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