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Alfatiha is the most powerful surah in prayer

Al Fatiha is a powerful prayer reading

Alfatiha is the most powerful surah in prayer

Muslim Creed - Al Fatihah is a prayer reading that cannot be forgotten. If it is done, then God will give an answer in every Alfatiha verse that we read, this is a very extraordinary thing.

Al-Fatihah is the only major Sura in Salat. Salat is considered invalid if the reader does not read this surah.

In the hadith, it says that prayers that are not read Al-Fatihah are "imperfect" prayers. However, this does not apply to people who do not know Surah Al-Fatihah.

In other hadiths mentioned, people who do not know al-Fatihah are instructed to recite:

"Subhanaloh walhamdulilah walla ilahaillawlloh wawlohu akbar, laa haula walakuwata illa billah"

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In the implementation of Salat, Al-Fatihah is read after reading the Iftitah prayer and continues with "Amen" and then reading other verses or Surahs of the Qur'an (in certain cycles).

Read the surah from Alfatihah in the first and second rak'ahs in prayer, and be accompanied by other verses or letters from the Quran. Then in the third rak'ah to the booth, only Al-Fatihah.

It is stated that the reading of Al-Fatihah explained by the Prophet Muhammad is always to include a pause in each verse so that it is finished reading it, for example:

Bismillāhir Rahmānir Rahīm (1) Alhamdu Lillāhi Rabbil'almīn (2) Arrahmānir Rahīm (3) Māliki Yaumiddīn (4) and so on.

In addition, sometimes the Prophet Muhammad read in the Maliki Yaumiddīn verse a short reading, by reading Maliki Yaumiddīn with Ma display.

In Salat, Al-Fatiha always ends with the words "Amen".

"Amen" in the Jahr prayer is usually preceded by the imam and then followed by the congregation. Recitation of "Amen" is mandatory for a strong and long voice. In the hadith it states that the mother must say "Amen" because the angels also say, while another opinion says that "Amen" is said when the priest says.

People who read Al-Fatihah and other suras in prayer may read them firmly and slowly. It depends on the prayer and the order of the rak'ahs of prayer. The punishment of aligning (including-Fatihah and other Surahs) from the beginning to the end of the verse, this is called Salat sir (read silently).

Examples of Sirat prayers are the Dzuhur Prayer and the Asr prayer where all readings are read slowly. In addition, there is also a Jahr prayer, which is a prayer with a strong reading.

The Messenger of Allah (saw) said: Allah said: The prayer, I will divide between me and my servant. For my servant is what is asked.

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When my servant says Alhamdulillahi Rabbil Alamin, I reply: My servant has praised me.

When Arrahm Aanrahiim is pronounced,

Then I replied: My servant has praised Me

When you say Maliki Yaumiddin,

Then I replied: "My servant has glorified Me".

apabla says Iyaka Nabudu Waiyyaaka Nastaiin,

Then I replied: "This is my share and that of my servant, and for My servant, he asked."

When I say Ihdinasirotol Mustaqim, Shiratalladzina An'amta alaihim Ghairil Maghduubi alaihim Waladhaalin, then I answer:

"This is my servant, and for my servant what he asked for" (HR Muslim).

it's amazing, God immediately responds to our prayers immediately. Actually, why did Rasulullah recite Al Fatihah verses, with (unrelated) verses, as he said in Hadiz: "Then the Prophet recited Al-Fatihah," He cut off the verses..." (Hr Abu Dawud) .

The Messenger of Allah promised from several hadiths that all diseases have a cure. One of them is in the following hadith:

Alfatiha is the most powerful surah in prayer

Quoting from the Muslim health magazine from this book: between tawakkal and treatment III by Arif Rahman Mansur, and his friends, a series of scholars also believe that the hadith can mean an order to repent, as a form of tawakkal when suffering from an illness.

Through his Hadith, the Prophet SAW also forbids drugs that come from Khobit or those that are haram and dirty (HR Abu Daud and Tirrmidhi).

With regards to medicine for curing ailments, Sheikh Ali Jaber also shares his secrets. This Saudi cleric said there is a letter in the Koran that can be used as an antidote to all diseases, namely, the letter from Al Fatiha.

"And Subhanallah, for surah al Fatiha, including the most impressive Surah for curing all diseases," said Sheikh Ali Jaber, as seen by Detik com on the time increase study time of YouTube Video Giga, Thursday (25/11/2021).

Sheikh Ali Jaber also revealed how to apply Surah Al Fatiha as an antidote to disease. Sheikh Ali Jabel said, Surah Al Fatiha was read on the area of the body that felt pain, while placing the right hand on the area of the body.

"Headache, toothache, handache, whatever the pain, put the right hand in the position that hurts. Be it a headache, where the right hand is on the head or in a position of pain and recite surah Al Fatiha with confidence," he explained .

"Maybe for Fatiha it can be three times, maybe seven times," he added.

The advantages of Surah Al Fatiha as a powerful medicine are contained in Surah Al Isra verse 82:

Alfatiha is the most powerful surah in prayer

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