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Medical And Islamic Benefits Of Circumcision

Medical And Islamic Benefits Of Circumcision  Benefits of Circumcision

MuslimCreed - Circumcision is the process of removing the skin that protects the tip of the genitals in male adults and children, or circumcision can also be done generally done when boys enter elementary school or around 6 to 10 years,

The older the age of the boy or man who is circumcised, the greater the risk of the complexity and length of the healing process.

Some benefits of circumcision when viewed from a medical point of view, there are many benefits that can be obtained, if you perform a circumcision or circumcision procedure then the benefit is to reduce the risk of sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes or prevent diseases of the genitals such as pain in the head or called phimosis,

Reducing the risk of urinary tract infections, in addition to reducing the risk of cervical penile cancer in partners, making the health of the male genitals more awake because people who are circumcised have their genitals easier to clean,

Generally, when you finish doing circumcision, your genitals will be red, bruised and swollen. In infants, swelling or redness of the skin generally occurs for 10 days

while healing for circumcision wounds in children and adults requires at least 1 month or more

there are several things that need to be done by a newly circumcised person to avoid injuries

The first is to use loose pants to avoid friction with the genitals,

The second is to regularly check the health of the penis to the doctor to treat the wound, then pay attention to its cleanliness

The third is that you can take a shower, after getting approval from the doctor but avoid bathing by bathing

Fourth is the consumption of painkillers to reduce pain after circumcision

The five doctors will prepare antibiotics to prevent infection

The sixth is to avoid adult male activities or sports,

For married adults, it is not recommended to have sexual intercourse or until the genital sores are fully healed

It is recommended to go to the doctor if you experience the following:

First is bleeding that is difficult to stop

The second is the discharge of a foul-smelling liquid

The third is the process of urinating that is disturbed

Fourth is the genitals look still swollen after 4 weeks

Your decision to choose to be circumcised as a child, as an adult, or you decide not to be circumcised, then the choice is yours. If you are still in doubt, you can consult a doctor or medical personnel near you.

Based on human history, circumcision is known as a cultural process and self-cleaning when entering puberty.

People used to maintain this culture and the process of circumcision is a charity taught by Islam

circumcision or more famous in Islamic teachings, namely circumcision, the origin of the word circumcision from Arabic which means cutting,

in other terms, circumcision is cutting the skin that covers the head of the penis for men, while in women it is cutting the flesh that protrudes above the vagina or in medical terms it is called the clitoris.

In Islamic teachings, circumcision is called "circumcision", for people who carry out circumcision have a mandatory law, because according to the hadith of the prophet that you carry out circumcision even though you are older.

Circumcision was carried out before Islam existed, and Prophet Ibrahim AS was the prophet who set an example of the implementation of circumcision, because Allah SWT ordered mankind to clean their genitals even though they were old.

That was the benefits and information about circumcision, hopefully it's useful

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