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How is the manners or attitude of the mother when the sermon?

Manners or attitude of the Mother

the manners or attitude of the mother

MuslimCreed | There is a question about Friday prayers: What is the manners or attitude of the congregation during the preaching and is it permissible to answer the prayer when the name of the Messenger of Allah is mentioned during the preaching?

Thank you for the question regarding the problem of someone attending Friday prayers

Many of our scholars have explained it, and we can simplify it through the following points:

The first time someone attends or attends Friday prayers is when he just arrives, when he just arrives then he prays two Rakaat or is termed the tahiyatul mosque prayer both when we have just entered the mosque and

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When the muezzin is on the call to prayer or when the Khatib is delivering the preaching, the first thing we have to do is perform the tahiyatul mosque prayer based on the words of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam narrated by Bukhari and Muslim, the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam said, "When one of you attends Friday prayers. While the Imam is delivering the preaching, he prays two rakaat" in another editorial it is stated "doing the two rakaat prayers lightly" from this hadith the scholars conclude that when someone comes on Friday and meets the muezzin while the call to prayer, his obligation is to perform two prayers. Rakaat is the tahiyatul mosque prayer

Not like what some Muslims do, they wait to answer the muezzin then after that they just pray two rakaat

As for things that are not quite right according to the scholars explaining "because answering the call to prayer is sunnah, and listening to the legal preaching is obligatory, then it is better to get the obligatory law, namely listening to the preaching, meaning that if the Muslims wait and answer the call to prayer and then pray two Rakaat, they will fall. The matter of listening to the preaching which is obligatory.

The second point to note here is that we should not speak when the khatib is preaching in a hadith that says

In a hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari and Muslim, it is said that if someone tells his brother to be quiet the Imam is delivering the preaching, then he is wasting his Friday prayers, so that his Friday prayers are not fully rewarded even though he has performed his Friday prayers.

In another hadith of the Prophet, namely the hadith narrated by Imam Ahmad saying "whoever plays games, then there is no Friday reward for him" this has something we must pay attention to, namely when a Khatib is giving a preaching then our obligation is to listen to him

Then the third point is that the question is we should not pray, or we agree when the Khatib is praying,

Here it is explained that we are still more advised to pray when the preacher mentions the name of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam or mentions a hadith of the prophet.

So here when the preacher prays to the prophet, we also pray to the prophet. The ethics that must be considered is that it should not be done harshly when agreeing when the preacher is praying to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala at the end or in the middle of his preaching or at the end of the preaching, when the preacher prays that our time is still recommended agreeing, it may even be that the prayer that is said at that time is the time for his prayer to be granted according to some scholars

So from here it provides motivation for us to agree when the preacher prays to help Muslims to ask forgiveness from parents or ask for help for our leaders

And the thing we need to pay attention to here is our attitude

The first one doesn't need to be raised to raise our hands when praying and also when we don't need to work hard

That was the answer about adab or the attitude of the mother when the Friday prayer preaching

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