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solemn prayer and its benefits

 Solemn Prayer 

solemn prayer and its benefits

Muslim Creed - Something was out of the ordinary one afternoon in Medina. At that time, the Prophet Muhammad and his companions after performing the Asr prayer in congregation. After saying the greetings in his prayer, suddenly the Prophet rose from the ranks of the companions in a hurry. He went to the room of one of his wives.

All the companions did not know what happened to the Prophet Muhammad. The hasty attitude of the Prophet SAW made the companions shocked and filled with fear. Usually, when the Prophet SAW walked after prayer to the house of his wife's room, the Prophet SAW walked slowly with his head down. However, this time Rasulullah SAW walked in a hurry.

After coming out and seeing his friends shocked, the Prophet calmed the friends. He told the things that made him hurry and said, “I remember a piece of gold and I didn't want it to hold me (disturbing me and breaking my concentration in tawajuh / facing Allah SWT) so I ordered to distribute it."

The piece of story above provides a very important lesson for us regarding how to make ourselves solemn when returning to God. That is by freeing ourselves from all the busyness of the heart that makes us forget Allah SWT.

solemn meaning

khusyu is a heart that is empty of things that neglect to remember Allah SWT. Strictly speaking, our hearts and minds are only focused on Allah SWT, there is nothing but Him.

Sincerity is an important part that we must achieve in this life and we realize it when we face Allah, especially when we pray and do dhikr.

solemnity is the highest manifestation of a healthy heart and the main foundation for the establishment of prayer and remembrance. When a person has reverence, he will get forgiveness and a great reward, as stated by Allah SWT in the Qur'an surah al-Ahzab (33) verse 35.


Qur'an surah al-Ahzab (33) verse 35

For that, before we face (tawajuh) to Allah SWT, first finish the business that might disturb our concentration. Get rid of things that can break our concentration when we will rely on Allah SWT.

In addition, always pray to Allah so that we avoid a heart that is not solemn and can achieve humility as the prayer that the Prophet SAW has taught us, "O Allah, indeed I seek refuge in You from knowledge that is not useful, from a heart that does not fervent, from an unsatisfied soul, and from an unanswered prayer.” (HR Muslim).

"Surely successful are those who believe, namely those who are solemn in their prayers and those who stay away from vain deeds and words" (Surah Al Muminun: 1-3).

Rasulullah SAW said: "The first knowledge that is lifted from the face of the earth is humility" (HR Tabrani).

Prophet Muhammad SAW in his prayers really made beauty and there was a longing and intimate communication with Allah SWT. Ruku, long prostration, especially if you pray alone (sunnah prayers) at night, sometimes your feet get swollen but not excessive, because you want to give your best as a form of gratitude to God. His prayers are on time and most importantly, his prayers are involved in daily life.

The characteristics of people who pray fervently:

- He is very careful with his timing, he is protected from useless, moreover immoral actions and words. So people who waste time like to do immoral means that their prayers are of poor quality or not yet solemn.

- His intentions are sincere, rarely disappointed in praise or appreciation, praised or not praised, insulted or not insulted, all the same.

- Love cleanliness because before praying, people must perform ablution first to purify themselves from dirt or hadast.

- Orderly and disciplined, because the time for prayer has been arranged.

- Always calm and tuma`ninah, tuma`ninah is a combination of calm and concentration.

- Tawadhu and humility, tawadhu is the character of the Prophet.

- Avoiding heinous and evil deeds, others are safe from their evil.

- If we feel that our prayers are solemn and we want to keep them from being condescending, namely by increasing our understanding and understanding of the readings that are in prayer and in worship, do not be hindered for fear of riya.

The essence of solemn prayer is morals to be good, as the Prophet received the command to pray from Allah, so that morals become good. That is the characteristic of worship that is pleasing to Allah.


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